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  1. Sittingatstalemate

    Really want to try Nikkias powder but I’m in the UK – anyone from the uk bought it? How long was postage and did you get hit with a customs charge?

  2. Marisa Sood

    My prayers go out to Australia. Please keep us updated hun

  3. Marisa Sood

    Do you have your powder in a smaller size for travel and to try it out? I love a smaller powder i can throw in my purse. And it gives us the option to try it out first before purchasing the large one. Is it good on acne prone skin as well?I got the laura Mercier powder in my allure box and its the perfect size to fit in my purse if I want to bring it with.

  4. ignacia valle jooren

    Hi nikkia do you also wear foundation if it is hot weather and you are outside all day?And so yes what do you use ?xxx

  5. Mainie J.

    The velvet finishing powder arrived today with the reds perfecting sponge. I love both products thank you very much. It was the first time I purchased from your website and I was surprised how quick and easy the shipping went.

  6. Missy Nur

    I am in lurveeeee with your makeup esp that lipcolor!!
    I would love to try your powder after i am done with my fenty/toofaced/fit me loose powder😁

  7. katrin sablowsky

    And the drunk game continues 🤗 take a shot every time Nikkia says " really " and take a double shot when "really really" comes up🙈🙈 No SHADE Nikkia, I love you and send you big big hugs from Germany..this is only just for fun❤💋❤💋 btw , drunk in 4 min🥳🥳🥳🥳

  8. Jeanette Torres

    Thank u for the video u look amazing. What lipstick are u wearing its beautiful? Happy new year!

  9. Nancy West

    Just one big Comercial🙄

  10. ꧁Hilda. RG꧂

    How do you apply those powder foundations?

  11. Brightfox's Den

    I have oily-mature-textured skin, and the best powder foundation that I have found is the Pur 4 in 1 pressed powder. It's lightweight, covers well, and gives a very slight glow to the skin. Bonus: It's a natural sunblock! I use the Elf Oil Control Primer Mist underneath it.

    I am pale, but I like to have a tint to my translucent powder. White powders leave a white cast on my skin especially after I use setting spray. So, when I am next in the market for a loose powder, I am going to try yours, Nikkia! Cheers! ~Anastacia in Cleveland, OH, USA

  12. IconKumiho

    Stop promoting maybelline loose finishing powder. It doesnt work oil skin. I know cuz im oil skin all season. It just cause cakey and remove my makeup off. The ingredients has silicon and no othet ingredients to control oil skin shin. Beside that the product say finishing which idea for dry to normal skin. If it say setting powder idea for oil skin. Now the cake that press on maybelline fit me does work. Also loreal true match powder foundation

  13. Linda Velez

    I would love to order and try your setting powder but I’ll have to wait until it goes on sale because the price and then shipping, it’s a lot 🙁

  14. Priscilla Garza

    NJC velvet finishing powder is the best ❤️ Nikkia, please make a compact of the velvet finishing powder for touch ups during the day 🙏🏼

  15. josephine9975

    I’ve using nothing, but your powder ever since purchase and your sponge. Nothing comes close. You should come up with a travel friendly version of it we can keep in our cosmetic bags for touch up.
    Let’s keep praying for rain and helping Australia in anyway we can both people and animals. This is going to take faith, kindness and solidarity to help them rebuild their lives, habitat and numbers.

  16. Kitty-Corina92

    For the longest time I was using Laura Mercier because of the hype it was for oily skin but I was never happy with the way my makeup was; I always thought it was the foundation that just didn't suite me but the powder just left my under eyes looking aged and my face felt so dry. But then I found Australis Ready Set Go finishing powder and was blown away because it was soo finely milled but then I FINALLY bought your velvet finishing powder and OH MY GOODNESS, my makeup looks so flawless such a game changer and the sponges as well

  17. EllBeauty

    What lipstick are you wearing? It’s amazing

  18. TheGlamseeker

    A travel version of your powder would be great for those of us with oily skin that have to touch up during the day! 🙂

  19. Michelle Kovach

    I can't wait to receive my NJC powder! I'm so excited to try it!

  20. Christina Shang

    I was literally looking for a powder foundation and you uploaded this video. It's like you read my mind! 😎😎😎

  21. Karina Sosa

    Love the makeup

  22. JennaFan

    REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna try your NJC powder but it is almost impossible to get here in UK and the ones i have found are SUPER expensive for my budget 😢🥺xx

  23. Hazz Ζ.

    I'd like to hear your opinion about the fenty setting powder!

  24. Louise Luxton

    Your setting powder is my Holy Grail. I won't use any other now. Every time I use it my fiancé says 'I can smell vanilla' yes it's this amazing powder. I just can't believe how good it is, it makes your skin so soft and blurs everything. I spend ages looking at my skin like wtf!! How is this possible x

  25. M KAI


  26. Susan Mayfield

    Hands down for me Nikkia Joy setting powder, it is so gorgeous on mature skin as myself and my daughter she younger and she loves it as well, we both have oily skin. Hoping maybe a new product is on its way.🤗

  27. Marisol Maldonado

    Still waiting for my Nikkia joy setting powder, but I’m sure I’m going to swear by it! Love you Nikkia and your videos. You’re such an amazing, beautiful human being 💕

  28. Henri Primeaux

    You're still my favorite make-up YouTuber Nikkia 🦋 I ordered that translucent powder, OMG I love it! I'm an oily girl too💓

  29. Henri Primeaux

    Steve Irwin is welcoming the furbabies Home up there 🐦🐿️🦋🐜🐃🦎🐨🦌🐅🦎🦏🦅🦉 I'm thankful for the RAINS!! 🌨️🌧️💧☔

  30. Courtney Whitlock

    Please please please make an unscented version that isn't tinted! My skin is so pale that it looks orange on my skin. I have tried so many ways of applying it and I just can't get around those two things. I have super oily skin so I was so excited when it first came out and I ordered it the moment it came out.

  31. Melanie gorniak

    Praying for your country all the people and animals who have lost their lives in these devastating fires, I pray that the skies open and pour rain for days . I’m truly sorry for everything that’s going on. Much ❤️. #prayforaustrarlia.

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