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  1. Christine kilar

    Oh those four should Not be on the viewers Choice, money is picking these people!!

  2. Christine kilar

    I'm really surprised you did not say James Charles was going to be at the Horror show.. He can dress the part!!! 🤣😅

  3. Laura Marie

    Great video as usual, but my God the commercials today! I kept getting interrupted so many times I could barely follow.

  4. Da Asha Zireael

    I feel like you honestly arent that biased towards jeffree though. You made that whole video about him a couple weeks ago about how people are kissing up to him and hes just as bad as the rest of them.
    Those people who say you never see wrong in him and then the other people who say you just dont like him obviously dont watch regularly or have a short attention span.

  5. Olga Cortez

    Love this video! Too many drama channels are being used to spin the narrative.

  6. Da Asha Zireael

    Peter ive been a fan for a while and there was a time when i didnt watch you for a bit of time because you were doing the popular opinion thing and i couldnt handle it because it wasnt you. You might have gotten more views and people werent as mean.

    But you have changed! I see your growth Peter. Everyone has a bit of bias of course but i feel like lately you dont let that get in the way of whats going on in the video.

    I think you seem so much happier now too. Im sure you have had moments these past couple of months because ive seen people attacking you and straight up being mean to you and making rude comments. But you still get on here and be yourself on all of your channels and teach us lessons on all of your channels almost every day.

    I look up to you so much and you have taught me so much. You keep me company when im at work and having a hard night. I listen to the vlogs almost every night because you remind me of my mother who i dont have around anymore because of her addictions. And im in recovery so i cant be around that. Its like having her with me driving around at night talking and listening to music. I thank you for that.

  7. Da Asha Zireael

    I am so glad you've been talking about peoples bias and how drams and commentary channels can sway it without people even realising it.

    It makes me sad that people dont form their own opinions they just go off what their faves are saying

  8. Danny Cooper

    “What’s your favourite scary movie?” bonus points if they get the reference 😂 I only watch a couple small influencers, the beauty community is just too toxic now.

  9. RoFox89

    "That in the last month or so, I've really tried to remain unbiased in my videos".

    Uh no, every time you had made a video with the tiniest relevance to Jeffree Star, you have taken that opportunity to talk about how you feel Manny and Laura should be thought of more positively/shouldn't have been treated how they were long term. Months before Manny made his recent video, you were on this kick of bringing up the original drama mess last year, and how you think Manny got a raw deal. Just because your bias has changed, doesn't make you unbiased. Going extra on the people who were on the other side of popular opinion, doesnt make you different or special. And it happened to luck out cause months after you started bringing him up for no reason, he made his video half addressing last year. With all the speculation you've recently made about people setting stuff up or orchestrating it, its funny how you do that for months and all of a sudden Manny is welcomed back into peoples good graces. That could be perceived as possibly orchestrated…?

    Btw to be clear, I dont feel strongly about either side of the drama mess, but listening to the change in your opinions, sometimes in the course of a video, it has been so obvious. Sometimes I can't finish the videos you mention Jeffree or Manny in because it seems like you have some issue that Jeffree is just more interesting than Manny for most people, and you don't like that people found it easy to be over him.

    People pretending Jeffree Star has the easiest time with public opinion, when you've apparently been following him from the Myspace days [I was an emo kid back in the day, I've been aware of him too] you know that is just not true. There is no true culture of Jeffree Star can do no wrong. I think you maybe need to look at whether you are actually being unbiased, or just going hard for a perceived underdog to be different.

  10. Jennifer H.K.

    I voted for Bretman Rock 😃😁

  11. Jennifer H.K.

    I know that you are always honest with us, i don’t know why but I just trust your opinion. You are my favorite drama channel ❤️ and so much more!

  12. Amy Morse

    Peter, you can't make everyone happy. Just do you! =)

  13. Kayla503

    I love Desi and Katy. I voted for Desi. She may not win but she’s bomb at what she does and she isn’t in all the drama.

  14. April Romanek

    The fact that those people were nominated speaks volumes about drama channels.

  15. Mily Boricua

    J☆ is not going, but your seating chart had me rolling! xx

  16. astaria rex

    An award? For what? Posting videos and snapchat and insta about how pretty they are? Please. You have your coin and social media followers. That's your award, dear.


    Spot on! The most lucid person on YouTube.

  18. Candeezy Marie

    Thank you for this video!!! I've recently unsubscribed from a few of my other favorite commentary/Drama channels because I just can't handle the friendships they have made with certain influencers and I have no interest in listening to someone brag about a big makeup MUA giving them gifts like Birkin bags! It really shows on their channels how they have become very bias towards other gurus. I like to form my own opinions and it's hard when someone is sucking up to certain people every video and bashing the same people in their videos.

    I've also noticed the change in how they treat their real life friends and that breaks my heart!!

  19. Michael Ramsey

    Did you see Tati was using Kat Von D something's going on with her and Jeffrey cuz she would never use Kat Von D there's some shade there

  20. Mr & Mrs Lee

    I genuinely always enjoy your perspective on these situations. I think you’ve done a decent job and being unbiased.

  21. Danae Ko

    That's way too many ads Peter. I already have to forward your cringy introduction

  22. Carolina Ruiz

    im so here for an unbiased channel

  23. cheeky897

    Unbiased is okay, Objective is better…

  24. Emily Dressler

    Happy birthday Boo Radley and Tucker!!🎉🎉💙💙🐾🐾Love you Peter!!💙💙

  25. Magda la Perucha

    Awesome video Peter. I absolutely respect you for taking your role seriously and being unbiased. I came to the same conclusions you did, probably because I'm older and aren't as invested in them, one way or the other. Used to LOVE Tati, but the whole drama was a serious turn off and can't watch her anymore. Always loved Manny and kept watching him when he was "cancelled". I used to watch Jeffrey too but the comments he made to James were exceedingly cruel, imo… the kid is immature and arrogant, sure, but he did not deserve all that. My fave is definitely RawBeautyKristy though.. I've watched her for a long while and she's so real and hilarious 💖

  26. Australian Commentary Drama Channel

    Peters videos slow my heart down and relax me like nothing else. It's lovely to see people express opinions without malice behind them.

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