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  1. cracka fantastic

    Go Gators 🐊 but great movie very Inspirational!

  2. Matt Toomey

    absolutely ridiculous that a PG rated movie is age restricted and i can’t watch it after i purchase it. never using youtube to rent movies again

  3. NGL Im Rare


  4. Thomas

    It's not the best acting but its a damn good story

  5. Michael W. LeMaster

    Best movie that so many are missing.

  6. Emmanuel

    didn't he tell him to gain weight, then he tells him lose it

  7. Noah Katula

    Were supposed to believe Marty is 29

  8. Will Flaherty

    He fuckn dies?? They just HAD to drop that right in the goddamn middle…

  9. marcos delgadillo

    Literally crying like a baby, such a great story, such a great life. R.I.P.

  10. Krypt Shard

    I got so inspired and god bless I cried so much

  11. wytt millermytgmlll mil

    Wytt milller

  12. Hazmat Larry

    Love Brandon Life story. Inspirational

  13. Jackson Parrack

    Where did he get the pick for his guitar from?

  14. theykravekayyy 1

    What's the name of the song they were singing ??

  15. Patrick Jones

    Don't understand why the coach got mad when he pancaked one of the players I would love to see that in a walk on

  16. Buttermilk Pancake


  17. Keith Ketlo

    A lot of tears

  18. Horace Chit

    Why did a search of "third grade turd closet" bring me to this video / advertisement?
    I don't get why there are so many (clearly) gay football videos suddenly showing up in the suggestions, but it is obvious that nobody else is leaving comments about this stinkfest.
    But, here it is, and everyone is welcome to gay out to all the You-Tube suggestions they want.

  19. Donald Alexander

    When you believe sincerely in a power greater than yourself who is working for your benefit then anything is possible ! Never give up and never give in for tomorrow you may die . He did and went to a far better place because of faith and love of the Lord Jesus Christ ! Prais GOD for he inspired all to press on to a high call in Him !

  20. Alex Schmidty

    I love this

  21. Genel Hernandez


  22. Don ALLEN

    Heart of gold, we all love you Brandon always

  23. Littlebit Lover

    Marty was a jerk in real life. Believe me, he was my landlord. And he looks nothing like that! But I love Brandon, he was a good man.

  24. Michael121boi

    My friend had like a 2 second seen in this movie

  25. Maria Flores

    Really Good Movie enjoyed it we need more movies like this it was so inspiring if we all had faith like this the world would be a better place …… Lord Jesus help the young kids of our new generation to be more like this I pray that you teach us to be more Christ like and to help us to trust you Lord in Jesus name I pray Amen 🤗

  26. renee Homewood

    I love this show

  27. Jason The wolf :3

    At the end it's sad the son died

  28. Blake Cunningham

    lord help us to become better people help us to understand why people die every second but I will have trait in you because your my God amen.

  29. ProGamer999

    Who thinks the dad looks like john cena lol

  30. B Newton

    a really good feel good movie. it's sad he died at such an early age. I'm sure he would have helped Peyton out.

  31. Jimmy Hernandez

    I love this movie. I can watch it over and over.

  32. Hugo Castro sv

    if you think this is the best film of the year, you dont know shit about films. this should have been a feel good movie instead its a 2hr Uber Christianity PSA

  33. diana gallegos

    This is one of the best movies I have seen that is Stirring my Spirit!

  34. Chundi Volz


  35. CupcakeMelodyXoxox Roblox MSP And More!

    best movie of the year

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