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  1. ciprian ionut

    The Earth is flat
    Wake up cowards
    The big G is from Freemason
    Gravity is a lie

  2. gro bennett

    My husband was cured of stage 4/5 secondary bone cancer with this treatment

  3. Healthy News Hub

    This should be first line treatment. Being only approved for recurring tumors shows that profits from the sale of drugs and the use of expensive equipment comes first! Not the life of the patient. It is disgusting that modern medicine puts profits first over human life.

  4. secretspy711

    Awesome to see this technology come to fruition. Just started wearing Optune a few days ago.

  5. yeison orozco

    They are Electromagnetic Fields? or just Electric Fields?

  6. honndo100

    There are SO MANY natural treatments for cancer that don't cost that much, And they all have no side effects. DR. Stainislaw Burzynski cured cancer with Peptides that naturally develop in healthy people since 1974. Dr. Tullio Simoncini used Sodium Bicarbonate- Baking Soda, Eaten or transfusion, Depending on the case, As it kills Fungus, And this is what the doctors says CANCER is, This is why CANCER develops so rapidly in people who won't lay off sugar. And of course doctors won't tell you that. The ONLY reason Chemo and Radiation are forced on cancer patients is, YOU CAN"T PATENT something that occurs naturally in nature, There for you can't put a MASSIVE price tag on it. DR. Royal Rife developed this electro treatment in 1934, And the medical community destroyed him and his family because IT WORDED and didn't cost much.

  7. sean j

    Looks like the AMA won't be able to kill this technology this time around, they successfully destroyed Royal Rife's development of this technology in the 1930's…it's taken almost 100 years for it to go mainstream….. Remember there is no money to be made from HEALTH, when this technology is fully developed the medical field will be never be the same.

  8. Wenwu Xu

    amazing technique. I wonder why the process does not affect the division of normal cells?

  9. Aiden Johns

    This raise the question? if small electrical impulses can kill cancer cells, then what electrical impulses caused the cancer cells in the first place?.. bluetooth WIFI mobile phones perhaps, and has cancer gone through the roof since mobile phones, just because you can.t see it doesn't mean it's not there.

  10. pege 63

    Its nothing new it was known by N.Tesla in 1880s then discoverd again by Royal Rife in 1930s.

  11. Rene P

    Here's a great article on the RIFE Machine history https://www.connersclinic.com/cancer-lymph-and-rife/

  12. Surp Andy

    Sad that they call it TUMOR treating fields. They are ElectroMagnetic Treating Fields and they treat cells, not just tumors. I tend to think that we can avoid naming any disease and just think in terms of healthy cells. This type of devices exists for at least 50 years. They were built for astronautes. It is called PEMF. The medical arena wants to dissociate with the term PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and put a disease in the name to make sound "medical". Look it up. The Rife device is also a Field Therapy device… The pulsation, from what I know about it, is part of the success. The body tends to get use to a field rate and adjusts itself to it. The fact that it is pulsing makes it harder for the body to adapt to it. That is why, the best devices changes the pulsation rate during treatment.

  13. Sachin Singh

    why re invent the wheel……..there are 200 ways to kill cancer…

  14. roger m

    Could the field be 'shaped and targeted ' somehow? Would this improve outcomes?

  15. Prashant Rokade

    Hoping for more of miraculous invention in treatment of cancer ☺️👍

  16. jmpfjoy9858

    Where is the stained-cell visual for healthy cells? This would prove that it doesn’t affect healthy cells. Don’t have it? Why?

  17. Doug Ribot

    so this video was 5 years old.  What's new? What's the update?

  18. poppy cee

    Six years on, if you've had this treatment or know someone who has, LEAVE A REPLY under mine I hope to see heaps of happy people, who knows maybe thousands….

  19. Dwight Frost

    Early in the talk concerning electric fields Bill Doyle uses a phrase "three dimensional" in describing the chain of chromosomes if I remember correctly, the issue I have is with the "three dimensional" phrase, all matter has this unless we've entered into a new physics aspect of the talk which I doubt so what exactly is the significance of this description? unless I'm not seeing something obvious I'm a bit suspect at this point in the talk particularly when a new idea is being put forth.

  20. Darrell Waters

    Is this the same thing someone had a youtube video about this osolating electric machine that does stuff like this that makes a sound adn if someone has metal on them it sparks but no noe gets hurt?

  21. Tjutju Rahayu Liusman

    Teknologi ini dikembangkan oleh Dr Yoram Palti dari Israel. Di negeri kita teknologi ini oleh Dr Warsito di Alam Sutra Tangsel yg jadi alternatif banyak pasien kanker karena murah meriah sehingga banyak pasien RS tersedot ke sini namun ahirnya dilarang mungkin karena menjadi saingan berat bagi bisnis banyak RS….hehe… u.u.d….

  22. Tjutju Rahayu Liusman

    Teknologi ini dikrmbangkan Dr Yoram Palti dari Israel. Metoda serupa dikembangkan Pak Warsito di Alam Sutra Tangerang Sel…namun di sini dilarang karena murah meriah sehingga jadi alternatif yg menyedot pasien RS dalam jumlah banyak….
    shg RS merugi… hehe… u.u.d..

  23. Winter Star

    In most other research, there can be a point where one treatment or the placebo causes bad results;
    at that point, research is stopped;
    ESPECIALLY if the old treatment or placebo adverse effects are so markedly above the rates of [no] harm caused by the experimental treatment.
    Research is usually ethically stopped, and put all participants ONLY on the new, effective, non-adverse effect TTField treatment. WHY didn't that get done in this case?
    It would appear as deliberate malfeasance, to force chemo treatments that cause adverse effects, on patients who respond so well to just the TTField alone, even if it takes more time.

  24. MaleAdaptor

    Dr Royal Rife perfected the technique 70 years ago.

  25. roquitas, alimento para perros

    one century ago multi wave oscillator or the so called radio cellular oscilator…. was succesfully used. …Nicola Tesla changed many things… but this ihidden news ….s a crime


    This treatment been approved by the FDA only on condition that it be combined with chemotherapy. Otherwise it would never have been approved, since it would cut into Big Pharma's profits from chemotherapy and one cannot patent electricity. BUMMER.

  27. Lucas Seiden

    Seeing this TED talk gives me hope that my dad's quality and duration of life will be improved by this device! My dad was diagnosed with primary glioblastoma June 21 this year. He went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His MRI results came back today, and it appears that most likely there is a recurring mass. Some other treatments they discussed were continuing lower doses of chemotherapy, as well as a vaccine made from his white blood cells and tumor cells from his surgery so his immune system will learn to target and destroy the tumor cells (he was going to be part of a clinical trial, but will likely need to be removed, but will still be able to use the vaccine knowing it is not a placebo since the vaccine is created for all participants). They also mentioned using Avastin to slow blood vessel growth in the tumor. What the doctor said and what I read about Avastin scare me, the chemo has already shown ineffective. So we're pretty much hinging on the trial, and this device, which has already shown effective in trials and has been approved by the FDA for treatment of his specific form of cancer. Luckily he is being treated at The University of Kansas, which is a certified provider of this therapy. I'm hopeful he'll have similar results to the cases in this talk!

  28. Kevin Campbell

    In 1934 Dr Royal Rife was attacked and his facility raided for curing thousands of cancer patients with this technology. Now we hear 80+ years later the FDA approves the very same type of technology. This means the government knew the cure for cancer 80 years but did not release it to protect the cancer drug industry. How sad this is. I'm sure they will require the traditional treatments be administered first before this 4th method is allowed. This should be the fist method used and chemo and radiation sent to the garbage can as the worst injustice in medical history.

  29. Alan Brunton

    The Rife treatment was doing this back in 1934. It's just that Fishbein a.k.a. AMA paid $10s of k to doctors to bad mouth Rife.

  30. 陳德華

    Plese somebody kindly transfer to Chinese? It will be very helpful for many patients!

  31. Pantera40z

    I love how TTF's have been given a back seat to radiation and chemotherapy.  The pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions of dollars from this technology since it works so well.  They have already infiltrated this company.  Its amazing.  Why are the trials only on recurring tumors?  Don't they want to treat people with this technology who HAVEN'T suffered the side effects of surgery, chemo and radiation???? 

    The pharmaceutical dogma will not allow a cure to exist.  It will only be a successful supplement to the lucky people who can afford this after all else fails.  Also I guarantee these devices are astronomically expensive, not covered by insurance and hard to find.  

  32. Abstract1984

    Big Pharma will never give you the cure for aids cancer auto immune diseases depression schizophrenia you name it. They only give you "treatments" to milk you like a cow.

  33. gherman nicu

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  34. SmalltimR

    It's not funny, it's deplorable.

  35. carter daniel m

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  36. iwanabana

    please tell me more about Mr Reich!

  37. Guagadu

    Finally i understand TTF!

  38. Emma Que

    How long do you have to keep the treatment going? longer than 12months? longer than 5years?

  39. Spaceisprettybig

    Neat, but I'm curious as to long term risks of blasting your brain with an electric field that functions by preventing cell mitosis. Not to mention it took a year to affect the tumor. Some people don't even have a month, so the next step would be finding a method for immediate cure.

  40. wonderland78

    Some notes from my study on Burzynski:
    1996 – due to pressure from congress and the public, the FDA agrees to accept all of Dr B’s patients into a series of FDA-approved phase II clinical trials.
    72 different phase II trias for different types of cancer.
    Federal prosecutors concede that the Dr B’s cancer treatment has been “saving lives.”
    This is the first time the FDA has tried to jail a scientist for using a drug which is being used in FDA-authorised clinical trials.
    Forgive brevity!

  41. Sam Barai

    I love it. I have learned a lot.

  42. natushkatzm

    Thanks for correcting me, but there are controversial information on Burzynski and his practice, for example, in Science-Based Medicine. I got mine from the movie called "Cancer is serious business". Taking into account huge business over this illness and FDA's position, it is hard to say either he is a pseudo-scientist or not. More investigation needed. As far as TED, they get a wide range of speakers here.

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