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  1. julius mendoza

    Iba kc yung pagkapayat nya parang may sakit.

  2. Annie Mharie

    Weight loss journey is not easy but it's so worth it. I am so proud of you!
    I hope kaya ko rin. Thank you for the motivation!

  3. Sean Jayson

    Magpapapayat ka ang hirap hirap tas sasabihan ka lang ng mukang adik

  4. JeDayuKi Wafu Gaming

    Mukang nadengue ampota

  5. JeDayuKi Wafu Gaming

    Mukang nadengue ampota

  6. JeDayuKi Wafu Gaming

    Mukang nadengue ampota

  7. Jervin Melan Bantola

    Doesn't change the fact that he's an asshole. Hate me or not, been with the guy he's a walking time bomb. In public and in TV he's had this good guy mask. But when alone with him or his friends, he's the devil invarnate. Spiking girls, drugs, he's not a good person anyone see's him to be.

  8. Joy Balante

    Baka mag ladlad na rin sya parang si rostum

  9. Shannen Saito

    Parang magswiwimming c Billy.

  10. Kiri

    Omggg anyare? Nagmukha kang may sakit… ang lalim na ng mata at pisngi

  11. Chizmozang Vaklitah

    he looked better noong malaman siya, di ko na siya crush now dahil mukha na siyang walang sustansiya hahaha

  12. Ph X Files


  13. gridokun

    Billy "The Giraffe" Crawford

  14. Lawrence Aquino

    Kahawig na nya lalo si james franco haha

  15. February Amer

    Mga biglaang nag iba ang hitsura dahil sa weight loss.

    Kris Bernal
    Julie ann San jose
    Raymond Gutierrez
    Billy Crawford

  16. Philip Santos

    Idol ko talaga yan si Billy hehehe handang handa baka sakaling babaha naka lifejacket na hahahaha

  17. charisse A21

    He looks like justin timberlake now 😊

  18. Sam Myer

    He doesn't look skinny at all! look at his neck, he looks healthy. Because many filipinos are really ignoramus and rude. Why would they asked those personal offending questions as if they care, when we know the only reason is being nosy and wants gossip! Disgusting ….

  19. alltime great

    He Look ugly asf …

  20. Juan Masday

    Drugs yan LOL


    Unique si Billy sya lng nagpapayat na artista katulad nyan. Hahaha. Pwee!


    He looks like a gay not sick

  23. Ivie Aricayos

    sana all kayanin mag diet ☺ ako nakapag loss ng 8kilo …. ayaw ng bumaba

  24. Just Yumi

    Hirap iwasan ng sugar. Nice. Galing billy 👌🏻

  25. Andeng Miranda

    May alam ako kay Billy pero di ko na lang sasabihin dito kasi baka masampahan ako ng kaso. Alam din ni Tito Boy yung truth about Billy kaya di sya convinced sa mga sinasabi ni Billy.

  26. harry chua

    Maybe he should add a few pounds more pra hindi mukhang sobrang payat. Around 170 lbs would suit him. Kc mdjo matangkad dn nman c billy.

  27. Ms. L

    Ang ganda ng Life vest ni Billy. 😁

  28. jennierubyjane

    grabe yung pinayat to the point that i CAN'T even totally recognized him at first seen.

  29. Law O

    Been there before I was on keto for over a year, and yes it is true that you will be judged by people as sick and or drug addict, but they do not understand why you are on the situation like that, they don't understand how hard and bad being judged and how fulfilling and rewarding unless they tried, something might be impossible yet doable, payat kasi wala makain what they don't understand is that diet meals or diet methods are more expensive than regular meals or regular foods it takes time, patience and discipline, I drink water with lemon and orange, eat brown rice very often, wheat bread and high protein meat vitamins and supplements and etc, do such as cardio, running basketball it may be negative for someone else but it is a good thing to do and it makes you feel better and happy.

  30. Rara Andriano

    You look good Billy ❤️

  31. prince go

    Thats the outcome if you marry ah fresh babe.. You will lose all your weight😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  32. Charito Abellanosa

    I was on Keto 10 mos ago I was 150 after 3 mos 120 my ideal weight. Just maintainging weight , zero sugar no rice pasta . 100grams of carbs a day

  33. Kikay Love

    When he was fatty before everyone Says hey billy you looks like a cow …and now when he’s getting fit sexy and healthy everyone is angry and Says he’s on Drugs … shout out to all stupid people in the world HELLO THERE 🤣

  34. Statue Oppa

    I can sympathize with Billy. When I was 218 lbs people call me elephant but when I'm down to 143 which took me, a year and a half, (Keto +HITT) people started calling me bulimic.

  35. Earin Beltet

    no need to explain

  36. Megan Taur

    Bagay naman

  37. Paula Janelle Rigdao

    Come on guys! He doesnt need to please everyone. He wanted to be healthy. And thats all that matters to him. Keto works for him very well.

  38. Popoi Pugito


  39. Penis

    He looks 10x better before…. he needs to gain at least 20 pounds more.

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