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  1. Eltoria


  2. Sophie Foster

    Love the glossy box colours better but both boxes are amazing!!!!

  3. As B&b

    When are you doing the 180k giveaway

  4. hotstep

    I prefer Glossybox but i liked some of the Birchbox products like the Roller, Aveda and Lumene. Loved your pronunciations made me giggle.x

  5. Amanda poopoo

    180t subs!!! So happy and excited!!! 🥰🥰

  6. Andra Popa

    I would definitely prefer the glossybox one🤗

  7. Simona Simon

    Ti seguo sempre dal Italia,mi piacerebbe vincere😜.

  8. Maddison Winks

    Ooo guess who reached 180 k !!! 💕

  9. theseinstrumentals

    Lol @ the big door for a lil mascara. I think these advents are big wastes of money but this one was funny with boring ubiquitous black liner and mascara as the big finish. Also I just got large bottles of the lbp s&c for free 😂

  10. edith koskela

    Lumene is a finnish brand, so it's pronounced straight from the letters "Lumene" instead of "Lumiin" (how you say it in English) 😛
    Had to point out !

  11. Rose

    That nude lipstick is crap imo. Not everyone likes nudes, a classic red or even a sparkly red for the Christmas season would be far better.

  12. Tracey Aitchison

    Great video, this calendar looks good although some of the products seem a little small. Think the Glossybox calendar wins hands down for me.

  13. Jessica Dai

    if it is possible can you make a advent calendar

  14. Megan Clarke

    Congrats on 180k girl 🥰😍

  15. Isha Dhiman

    Congratulations for the 180k subscribers ❤️

  16. SpinnyCupcake

    glad I got the glossybox one 🙂

  17. Steph Gregson

    Please can you do the cath kidston advent calendar!!❤️

  18. Marina Paiva

    The Sephora calendar just got out

  19. Nicola Saul

    Love the calendar unboxing thank you. So far I’ve bought the Glossy Box and Look Fantastic 💕💕

  20. Not Madonna

    There's are 2 'b's' in suBscribe

  21. Lucy Jones

    Could you please review the I heart revolution vending machine 😍

  22. Emm a

    First I kinda regret buying the asos calendar so fast becous this is so big and pretty. But then I saw this video and definitly think the asos one is better😅

  23. Lucy Jones

    Glossy box definitely wins🙂

  24. Abby Cresswell

    Really don’t like this one! Crappy items in my opinion 💋

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