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  1. kimberly martin

    Love Love Love this movie.

  2. Elena Christian

    Shit. I didn't realize "Barbie" wasn't even 18. Their parents were right to freak.

  3. Justme & mythoughts

    R.I.P. my love😭

  4. Boy in a Blue Dress

    I 💖💖💖 this movie!

  5. dvddmc

    the guy that plays Vall looks like a very young robin williams

  6. Fortysomething BadGirls

    Thank you sooo much for this one. My all time favorite. Nathan Lane played an excellent gay man.

  7. Gooo!!! Bundy!!!

    I’m to straight for this movie. Have fun watching if you’re into that.

  8. Mafafa Musguito Rivas

    Min 9:16 "…if it wasn't for the piriin, i don't think i could go on…" 😂😂😂😂

  9. Ali Re

    Thanks for the movie

  10. Andrea Sosa

    I remember watching this for the first time as a kid and now almost 30 it’s still one of my favorite movies of all time!!! And it gets funnier with time!! I LOVE Albert!!! ❤️ He’s the best!!! 😃😃😃🙂😂

  11. Mafafa Musguito Rivas

    O why , Robin Williams why did you decide to leave us without your talent ? 😭😭

  12. R L

    Nathan Lane and Robin Williams were brilliant in this movie. I was in Sobe during the filming.

  13. Steven Gardner


  14. Nan Dep

    BIRDCAGE (1996) – 24 years after film's release and it's still just as fresh, fab. & enjoyable. This cast was a stellar troupe! Thanks for sharing this much needed uplift. 🎶😀🤙

    I miss Robin Williams' talent, quick wit, intelligence and deep insight. RIP.

  15. Sonya Hudson

    One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

  16. Karen G

    Love this movie 💖

  17. Aaron Everidge

    Robin Williams will forever be missed great actor rip brother

  18. Hawk Talon

    Thanks YouTube for uploading this, been meaning to rewatch it forever and can't find my DVD!

  19. Theresa Mchugh

    " Don't worry im very material, and Albert's practically a breast" 😭😂 God bless you Robin Williams

  20. Dee' Ondamov

    Haven’t seen this in years! It sooo now!! Every character needs their own movie. They are funny, and the comedic timing is brilliant. Robin, Nathan, and the ENTIRE cast made this one of the all time favorites.

  21. chuck sussman

    Blessed is YouTube for posting this.

  22. anthony falcone

    " I look like my grandfather in this suit……..Killed himself when he was 30" What an ironic line! I love this movie! THANK YOU YOUTUBE!

  23. ldoetsch

    I wish South Beach was like this now.

  24. Nic Andrews

    I grew up on this movie ❤😍❤😍❤

  25. Ms Roth

    It's a very sad trigger the background music, the sax player and the work sound like Fosseys rehearsals in The Band Played on an award winning movie which was pivitol in helping fund research.

  26. internetuser

    ❤️ Robin Williams ❤️

  27. Debra Dunn

    Love this movie. I needed to laugh and this movie makes me laugh hard and forget my troubles for awhile. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are so funny. I love Hank Azaria too. They are brilliant.

  28. Daline Figueroa

    I miss Robin Williams and this was one of many funniest movies.

  29. Kitty S

    Howdy, mam? 👍🏽 * does his feminine John Wayne walk* 😂😂😂
    No good?
    Actually, it was good–i just didn't know know if John Wayne walked like that….🌚

  30. Ramon Ruiz

    Omg…..I love this movie❤

  31. Kerah Matthews

    Nathan Lane screams i have me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. judy valencia

    Robin Williams looks so handsome in this movie. Wish there could have been a better outcome to his life.

  33. Toni Jackson

    I miss Robin ❤ always in our hearts.

  34. P. B.

    Watched this when it first came out (in the 90s?). It was a hilarious serious comedy humanizing gays and thier struggles with Conservative Culture. As a strait conservative christian republican , It helped me humanize gays and understand my nieghbors point of view. . Now days, Im the atheist apostate, disowned by my own christian family and friends, so now I "get it". . There is nothing as powerful and effective as comedy and satire to sneek past the defenses to attack and criticize absurdity, stereotypes and prejudice. Interestingly, the movie is not as funny as I remember. I wonder why?

  35. michael davis

    if you want to see men dressed like women and acting gay and flamboyant ….. you should love this movie! ….. as for me , im not at all into this kind of whatever it is … sorry … it doesnt entertain me , but there are a lot of people out there that think its just peachy …. not me …. so if you like this kind of stuff , good for you ….. watch it all you want …. i tapped out at 5 minutes in …. seen enough to know its not for me …. its probably for all you woke open minded people who are better than the rest of us that are close minded and asleep …….. as you perceive us to be …… so you are the ones that must be correct ….. enjoy your movie 🙂

  36. Kathy Buhler

    One of the all top 10 funniest movies ever made nuff said

  37. Psychedelic Peach

    The "this is a man" scene is me trying to explain RuPaul's Drag Race to my straight friends.

  38. TheFuzzyPenguin

    A must have in my dvd movie collection. hee hee

  39. vachief

    He should have told his fiance that his parents had died.

  40. Caitlyn Rose

    9:20: chills

  41. Wadjet

    rest in love Robin🍃🖤🍃


    This was fun to watch.

  43. Peanuts Mom

    This is my favorite movie ever!

  44. Lola Chapuis

    does anyone else just hate val in this movie, i hated him the first time i watched this movie and i still hate his character

  45. Sandy P

    Robin is the greatest COMEDIAN, I'll never forget his first appearance on Happy Days as Mork. My Dad,Mom, Bro+Sis+ me couldn't stop laughing.
    Mork + Mindy nites Never Missed
    Saw Robin at a Stand Up Comedy show in Sausalito Area in 80s, he was + still is the Greatest COMEDIAN + ACTOR.

  46. Sherry Patrick

    Always love this movie 😃

  47. Bat Eats Moth

    I saw this in the theater when it came out.

  48. Kathy Stump

    Thanks such a good movie. So funny!

  49. bodeguero1

    One more reason to live on YouTube which i do..my feed is rockin

  50. Yancuic Rodriguez

    Albert is more feminine that me 😂 which btw she's a lovely, charming character but she is so over the top

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