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  1. Tina Ho

    …but which brand of mascara?

  2. Sophiya Pradhan

    Finally someone who puts on sunscreen. Love it 😍

  3. sup bish

    the “like a river” girlll yallll

  4. Elizabeth G

    I wish I looked that fab with a shaved head! She pulls it off wonderfully..
    I need a list of the products used.. esp that mascara 👀

  5. Bianca D

    Is it just me or she looks exactly like Sarah Therese's lost sister?

  6. A

    She legit looks like 'Sophia the robot …

  7. SIYU1015

    Can I just say…look how beautiful and fearless she looks even without makeup??

  8. Erika Dallas

    The fact that she knew Jaclyn Hill, OMG! I'm gagged. Love you girlll!!! Love the energy! 😍💯

  9. Emma Schmidt

    Ahhhh my favorite human on vogue finally!!!!!!

  10. Alina Kosteley


  11. Bethany Sheridan

    What mascara is that? Does anyone know

  12. Strong Empathy

    OMG finally she! Love her! 😍😊

  13. M

    I like her. Looks like she’d have your back in a fight.

  14. Finn

    Her face is literally perfect. 💕

  15. Ashley Mae

    She's such a babe 💞

  16. my cat is nommy vlogs

    She so beautifulllll

  17. Sistina Day

    PERFECT. My loser-no-good—but I'm-still-in-love-with-him-ex is going to be in town next week. >:)

  18. Jenna Portis

    Her eyelashes are longer than all my relationships put together

  19. Alex Shaputis

    I love her but was anyone else annoyed she only looked in the viewfinder and didn’t look actually in the camera once?

  20. Angela Dolic

    the eyes, the shaved head, the skin! YES GIRL


    I want a video with Billie Eilish 😩😩

  22. Biscuit ham

    Am I the only one who sang the song "like a river" in my head as soon as I saw the title?..

  23. SJ

    Products, please?

  24. Zodiac Blac

    Wow I love her! So fun!

  25. Larissa Lo

    Anyone know what mascara she's using?

  26. Heather Rose

    This girl has such an amazing PERSONALITY!! I love herr

  27. Gabi Souza

    I need the lipstick color!!!!

  28. Emma Cassady

    Step one: be born gorgeous and talented

  29. Mysterious Stranger

    Eww, I hate tattoo's especially on the neck. Beautiful lady though.

  30. Veronika

    Totally awesome look…does anyone know what mascara she used in this vid?

  31. Lucy

    She acts Like a Disney Princess !! Lol

  32. M bolt

    Whats with the Ex talk lol did she just break up or something

    once I have and exist they don’t exist lol

  33. Jennifer Duncan

    it’s actually not hard to rock a shaved head, i shaved my head every month for about 2 years. people think they have weird shaped heads but it’s way easier to pull off than you think

  34. Yeehaw

    Is anyone else Scottish and just like … Bishopbriggs???

  35. Heather Puckett

    Omg !! I love Bishop Briggs. Great singer and songwriter. I'm glad she is on Vogue omg 😍🥰

  36. Maya Papadopoulou

    You did a very nice thing by shaving your head for support !!! Plus you look AMAZING , better than before!

  37. Cassandra Montressor

    This is my favorite one!

  38. World Ôm Sadika - عالم أم صادقة

    Very Nice

  39. Tanisha Solomon

    Please do 73 questions with Why Don’t We!!!

  40. Isabela Nunes

    Perfeita demais 💕

  41. Christina Probst

    Never heard of this person lol.

  42. bearmeets cat

    She likes JAPAN? OMG!!!!

  43. A A

    Can someone please tell me what mascara she used?!?!

  44. # teamstark #

    this reminded me of my bald times 😀

  45. Darnelle Pasqualle

    So no one is going to talk about how clear her skin is 😍😍😍😍

  46. Gary Dimaggio

    Why don't you start with some hair

  47. TNH

    Someone that knows what she’s doing and also wears spf and enough of it????? And she’s likeable and funny???? WE HAVE TO STANNNN
    Never heard of her but yes sis

  48. Smiling Alpaca

    Who the heck broke this precious woman's heart

  49. Alura Roy


  50. Tessa XD

    What mascara did u use ? 😍

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