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  1. 1vwilliams

    It looks beautiful on you. I will get a sample and try it out. That new Tom Ford foundation isn't coming out near me till February 14th in Nordstrom. I was told that foundation needs to be color matched so I won't get it on his website.

  2. Mandy Mac

    What is your job and how does it affect makeup?

  3. Kara Melber

    I got the same color! This foundation looks great on you 🙂 so far I’ve found that cream products look awesome with this foundation btw, especially highlighter!

  4. Alzbeta Svoboda

    Great review, very thorough! Just curious if theres any foundations or cc creams that you could compare this one in your opinion?

  5. Natalie Moreno

    I got a sample of this from Sephora, not at all impressed for oily skin. It melts right off

  6. Jeanie Turner

    I think it looks great on you.

  7. jayjay

    I went through the phase where I liked a touch lighter foundation too but then I saw my face in pictures and I was like noooo

  8. jayjay

    In the future can you compare to more popular and less expensive foundations? 🙂 Thank you!

  9. Mitzi Jane

    looks good but maybe just for a cold weather foundation. i feel like this would melt off lol. Ty for the review!

  10. Mitzi Jane

    looks good but maybe just for a cold weather foundation. i feel like this would melt off lol. Ty for the review!

  11. Megan Scull

    This looks so pretty on u!!! Gorgeous as always 💕💕 love watching u so much!

  12. Dustin Smith

    i subbed awile ago and usually don't watch it i agree with releases but that foundation looks a little like revlon candid

  13. Ashley P

    I bought the powder and I love it. It gives a soft focus appearance. Definitely worth trying. You can’t over powder. However, I wouldn’t recommend trying to bake with it under the eye.

  14. Janice L

    I thought this looked very pretty on your skin. BTW your new background is great! At least I think it’s new?? 😁😁

  15. Merrily Mari

    Wow your skin looks gorgeous with and without it 😍

  16. Tammy Vaught

    Do you think this would’ve lasted another 6 hours and do you think setting it with a little bit of powder would extend the wear time? I’m a nurse and I work 13 hour shifts with no time for touch-ups so my foundations have to be very long wearing. I have normal skin so I don’t typically have issues with foundations wearing off quickly. Thank you so much for your review!!

  17. Anitra Turner

    I got a sample can’t wait to try it

  18. Dana Messick

    Don't beat yourself up over the powder! Most people have favorite powders and only care about the foundation anyway. Return it and save that cash for something else to review. Thanks for this review because I have rosacea and this would never cover all that redness, which is disappointing because it truly does look very skin-like. Giving up the real skin look for medium-full coverage is the bane of my existence. 😛

  19. Rachelle Diamond

    OOO did you order online? i hope i get mine today i ordered the day it launched

  20. Karrina Dusablon

    Ouhhh your makeup room yesssssss. Great video my dear

  21. TFNY

    omg i’ve been dying to try this foundation

  22. Amy P and Dirty too

    Ooooohhh!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I was literally on the Sephora App RIGHT BEFORE coming onto YouTube and seeing your vid and I kept putting this foundation in and out of my basket!!🤣🤣🤣 Now its sitting on my loves list. Perfect timing, I am very interested in their complexion products!!! Bite Beauty can do lip products better than most so I would love to see how they do complexion!!!

  23. lizbakeslemons

    Ooooo I really want to try this but I already have so many foundations – and I don't even wear foundation every day! 😩

  24. Anna Gerwig

    I’m also going into 2020 wanting to be more mindful with my purchases! I’m going to keep this foundation in mind, but probably wait a bit 👌🏻 it seems really solid!

  25. TranceDivine

    I think its one of the best foundation that I have seen on you…its a tad too dark on you, but not a bad thing at all…really nice

  26. Regina Staben

    The foundation looks great on you. Made your skin even and skin like.

  27. Nancy Moon-Rush

    This foundation looks fantastic on you! Definitely have my eye on this one!💜

  28. FoxySundayz

    Try the CeraVe SA facial wash. It has 2% salicylic acid for the acne, fragrance free for the sensetive skin and ceramide complex for the dryness. It's really amazing for your stubborn skin type.

  29. Michelle K

    I love that bite beauty is reformulating a lot of their products to be vegan. I’m really excited to try this foundation. Thank you for the review ❤️

  30. Suzemuis

    Let us know if it does anything to your sensitive, acne prone dry skin in a week. :O

  31. St. Driscoll

    Do you use the RMS foundation? How does this compare?

  32. sweetmarcipan

    I really love you lipstick shade in this vid. OMG, it's no longer available. Need to find a dupe I guess. Any suggestions?

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