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  1. MrTraveller

    We believe in you!!
    Keep going!!
    Shady XX

  2. Onewolf77

    Looking forward to seeing transformation mate, keep it up!

  3. Knark Är Gratis

    This is your best song you've done, not only message wise. Flow was onpoint.

  4. Live3z Remastered

    this nigga said stop talking to kim loll

  5. sokket

    dope as usual ! great job bizzybizz

  6. Scraftie

    Now I got a new song to listen to while I'm at the gym

  7. NoahTheBoa7873

    I hope you do lose weight bizzar! Good luck bro 😏

  8. Jack.E Johnson

    This Nigga trolling 🤣🤣

  9. Knot Done Official

    Love you bro. You've always been real asf

  10. K9boxing

    This dope and not just because I'm training you my guy let's lose this weight 💯🔥

  11. Fat Cat Entertainment

    love you bizzaaaaaaaaaaaaare D12 baby

  12. Arthur Schopenhauer


  13. Luke Baldwin

    Imma pray for you homie you got this


    This is actually real and lit i can see how people are connected to this

  15. steppuP

    Living legend.

  16. MD Hobby Zero

    "50 told me to do sit-ups to get buff. Did two and a half and couldn't get up!"


    Update: i cant stop rewinding the song, I'mma be happy if you got ripped and when i can afford to the gym I'll blast you off in my earphones… Much love biz
    Can i get a love on this comment?

  18. Adrian Hayes


  19. Lucas Bicske

    I hope this get recommended to more people, it's actually great in all aspects. Success Bizarre!

  20. Jim Aetos

    Bizzare if this not a parody song and you really trying to lose weight just DO IT MAN!!!! WEIGHT=BAD THINGS!!! become FIT AND LIT AND SMOKE WEED!

  21. Riley Naehu

    Bizarre in his motivational bag

  22. TheMaxthesis

    This is real.

  23. Daniel Spicer

    Listened to u since my teen years now im 36 but im feeling this one

  24. Garrett Dye

    Bizarre, bro sick with it!! Handle business! Did you leave majik ninja records and king gordy? Or just not putting this on their label?
    Hope all is well bro!! Keep it up man! We're all with you man!!

  25. Enigma FGC

    My man🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Deborah Horton

    I'll remove this weight off my shoulders every time bizarre drops a pound
    I'm feeding this fire inside my soul with the bullets I've fired with these rounds
    I'm losing track of all the time, depression has got me lost but now I'm found
    the realist mother fucking words are truly just the words your never sound
    I'm raising myself from the fall of defeat, I'm no longer rapping underground

    I wanna rap with you bizarre and I wanna meet the slim Jim
    I just wanna spit my flow once so I know this loser can make a win
    the Devil told me how to increase my flame, God taught me the skills
    I've never been one to let demons control the hands behind my wheel

    Amen, I promise for my future
    I'll my family proud
    like a good house cat killing that fuckin' mouse
    no more being lazy
    no more sitting on a couch
    no more chasing skirt
    I need a wife to love with a blouse
    I need a dream to capture, I got hopes to achieve
    the only time you get down is when you rise to your feet

  27. Blurred SLAP

    No auto tune

  28. Harley leitch

    Hell yeah brother 💪💯

  29. KillaCam gaming

    24 seconds in the video and I can already say your looking great. bizarre killing shit but I think he killed joe budden harder lol. respect for you brother
    EDIT: this shit is pure motivation im glad to see this kind of message coming from the rap game you are a legend forever!

  30. Deej Enki

    His career lost weight

  31. S.A.C

    "50 told me to do sit-ups to get buff, did two and a half and couldn't get up".
    Shout-out to Bizarre though!

  32. FLAZiTV HipHopToday

  33. Donnie Brasco

    Bizz lookin good! Keep doing bro!!!

  34. Blackjack Videos

    Positive brother

  35. Elijah Howard

    Bizarre you are the man and I believe in you. This is a real inspirational for people and I dig it as much as all your other stuff.

  36. Zakk Burton


  37. Exposed Lies

    I think your rap will become even better if you half your weight… youd be a real dope flower.. I know it

  38. Exposed Lies

    finally something better than eminems new junk

  39. SON GOKU

    Love the song. My new work out song

  40. eastvandal 604


  41. ScRAP's Channel


  42. Steve Panderla

    word !

  43. Chris Gypsy Superman

    And cheeseburgers are good for you two as long as you stay away from the fake fast food restaurants and smoking weed is also good

  44. Chris Gypsy Superman

    steaks are good for you bizarre if you BBQ and Grill just don't fry shit

  45. brownpunk

    I am aiming to have a belly like bizarre by xmas..

  46. Some Dude

    You can do it man

  47. socketZ rapZ

    Man I'ma rapper myself this shits hard enough without all this shit u got sorry abt all this u got this shit bizzarre u gonna b fit not fat

  48. Jake Boud

    Respect brotha 🙏🏻💜

  49. Kurt Horton

    Bizarre you might be a bigger bloke but you trully are a beautiful man!

  50. mrKerij

    this shit makes me and a lot of people hyped for bizarre. "i told my doctor, i got a image/if i lose weight, my career is finished" really gonna be the total opposite of that, everyone's proud of you dude

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