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  1. Caitlin Matthews

    I never comment on YouTube vids but I freaking love this content!! U can just tell that Hannah put heaps of time into editing this with the haul and doing her makeup. I also loveeee the artistry in all your videos 😻😻😻😻

  2. Hannah Hughes

    new boyfriend… since when? when do we get to meet him

  3. Imogen Hope

    Han what happened to the office ?? Xxxx

  4. lol same

    am sorry umm boyfriend??see ya there

  5. Kiran Mazhar

    Omg I love this makeup look! Wow Han you look beautiful as always! You are so inspiring and I love you 💗💗💗

  6. Matthew Vanity

    Did beauty bay have the same discounts from each brands website?! Let me know, If so that would be SO convenient to do all your black friday shopping off of one site but still getting all the good discounts that each brand is offering from their own websites 🎉

  7. Stephanie Cunningham

    Awww cuuute new boyfriend awww that's good

  8. Chanelle T

    please please please….. do a tutorial for winged eyeliner! You kill it everytime and I can struggle x

  9. alexandria hickey

    Really loved this style of video, with the talk through and then how you applied it ❤️

  10. Immi Post

    Your stunning😙

  11. Abigail Sian

    That lip combo is amazing!

  12. SJ Aroha

    Love how you did a makeup look with the haul. The beauty bay palettes are amazing and you bet I spent some money 😭


    Your skin looks unreal! Your making me want to buy everything!!

  14. Sophie Stewart

    Drinking game
    Take a drink every time Han says ‘in terms of’ hahaha so much!!!
    Love this though 😍😍

  15. Tori Louise

    No one makes me want to buy makeup like Hannah!!🤣

  16. Eline Tanghe

    Drinking game: everytime she says ‘in terms of’ and ‘honestly’

  17. Taylor_ Vancouver23

    British ppl are so cute, they say, “if that makes sense” so many times during their video😊😂🤣😂

  18. Makeupbyserena27

    Stunning 😍😍😍

  19. Jess Birchall

    Can you do an update in the future to see if you think it works please

  20. Muriel DOUFODJI

    Hum…..We knew she has a man right ? I mean didn't we spot it before ?! 😕

  21. TheTigereye22

    "with my man…" Wait what? Hannah omg I think we need a new life update as soon as possible! ♥ or what about a new uncut video..? Possible an hour long.? Would that be an idea? 😉 ♥

  22. Melanie Long

    my absolute FAVE makeup videos to watch. love u too 🤍💋

  23. Makayla Mcneil

    Love the concept of this video and how you edited everything together! Super nice!

  24. Nikki Poncsak

    Love how you just casually drop the boyfriend bit right at the verrrrry end! Haha

  25. Rachel Hazelwood

    Can you PLEASE do a skincare routine and how it’s so clear all the time?? Xx

  26. Eleni Bali

    Do we know the name of the bronzing brush????

  27. Caitlin McGann

    I’m deadd absolutely obsessed!😍 love your vids and you always look so stunning!!❤️

  28. Jess Xxx

    Is no one picking up on the boyfriend part??!!🥺

  29. Mila Xo

    Your face is perfect

  30. Chloe Ellis

    Love the video Han, your make up is is lush!!!

    I have recently made a channel and would love if you guys could check it out xxx

  31. lauren burton 311

    One of the only youtubers I can watch with a smile, so real ❤️

  32. Beautymerge

    I loved the way you did this video. Showing the products in use whilst explaining them made it much more enjoyable to watch, putting the sale price on screen was very helpful xx

  33. Sadaf Azari

    Wait how did you reduce the brightness of your camera?? I can’t figure it out???

  34. Finty Jameson

    Hooooldddd up since when does Han have a boyfriend pls

  35. dinor Y

    Lip combo?

  36. annafabianx

    What brush did you use for the cream contour??

  37. Shannon Mcg

    Loved seeing the haul and tutorial mixed together was a unique structure 😊

  38. Nicole-Kay Bierlein

    I love this video, such an original style xx

  39. Lauren

    the fiery matte palette isn’t discounted on the website 😭

  40. Tieg Bernice

    i have the eyn 42 nude palette its so fkn nice

  41. Jess Walsh

    WOW😍 oh my goodness Han, your eye makeup is to die for!! I love you😩

    I hope you don’t mind me posting me this on here but I’m just wondering if any of your amazing subscribers would follow my new beauty Instagram page? It’s @missjessicaaaaxox I’ve just started out on my journey in this industry and would be so grateful for any support💖

  42. Abbysavx

    Yes girl fiyaaaa🔥

  43. Lucy Tyas

    Stunning 😍

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