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  1. Evelyn From The Internets

    Thanks for all the laughs and ledgers, Azie! Follow her on IG and Twitter @aziedee 💜💜 and WHEW we tried it with these wigs! Thanks for watching y’all 😂

  2. Mike's Big Mouth

    The thumbnail has been changed three times already.

  3. Brooklyn Thuesday


  4. Tacos Over Vatos

    I’m taking an editorial fashion major and one thing I was always curious about is the history of head wraps. I see women in the LatinX, Middle Eastern, and black community using head wraps. So finding out about the tignon law really had me wondering; If someone who’s ancestors did not partake in slavery, would they be offending that someone that had no other choice but to partake in the tignon law?

  5. wcallisa22


  6. Rose Red

    I'm going show.my ignorance here, but what is that situation w/ the person cutting the dreads off!?

  7. Blair Foster

    My beauty icons are Tika Sumpter, Nupita, Keke Palmer, Kelly Rowland, and Lizzo.

  8. Rose Red

    You guys should do a series of historical black beauty trends. This video was awesome! You could just do 2 or 3 items every time, just like this!

  9. SuperLibra101

    This video has nothing to do with black women , once again just black women licking the boot of of biracial women . Thought I was learning something new . Once again information from the colonizers!

  10. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    This was the best thing I've seen on youtube in eons. Thank you!

  11. Crown Jewel

    Please make this a series! This was great. I’d love to learn more out the Jheri curl, the evolution of weaves and relaxers, press&curls, etc

  12. Ayesha Faines

    Whew. The collage of women in headwraps, from Eartha to Erykah and the queen Angela… I'm so mesmerized.

  13. Natasha Aly

    Now that we have covered the makeup range problem, I cant wait for the natural hair thing to be universal and not just as a current trend that has resurfaced from the 70s. I love the self expression through wigs and all, and I know that the natural hair movement is growing everyday, so this is coming from a place of love, because I currently face the struggles of being natural, especially in the uk.

  14. Icarrus Legrand

    I love Evelyn!!

  15. Atty Tatty

    I’m excited to see this new queen more often 😊

  16. Miss Sassy

    Hallease is such a beautiful and regal sounding name!! (Evelyn is aswell)

  17. Shaw2184

    I hope @jackieaina seen this

  18. Offthagrid

    Mac cosmetics had shades for black women before fenty…they also gave black celebrities campaigns

  19. Mana_ miss

    Wuuuw , I like it ❤

  20. C for Chi

    Thanks for the comic relief in between sad scenes. I was so downcast. We have seen it all ♥️♥️♥️👌🙏

  21. Alicia West

    The SOul GlOW moment is everything!

  22. monica nyazika

    Okay so I'm African and I think this video is really African-American centric. This really isn't the history of black beauty, its heavily African-American beauty. I think it's really important to look at black lives before slavery and before American slavery

  23. Janan sesay

    Awww they used Youngafricana picture 😍💜

  24. Bolsheviki

    I can't believe y'all didn't mention Madame CJ Walker! She was the first self-made millionaire of color with her cosmetics and hair product empire.

  25. CoCO Jinx

    😭😭😭, the makeup shade doe. To funny

  26. monari_ michelle

    This is everything! <3

  27. 49jubilee

    Possibly for lice reasons as well?
    Diatomaceous EARTH helps FOOD GRADE though.
    Blacks can get lice. The only reason we didnt, was heat and grease

  28. Sophia Neilsson

    I suspect that maybe this was a contributing element (of many) that presented this Afro-centric society where instead if having everything so deeply rooted in the white anglo/euro-focussed square, it celebrates the diversity and beauty across the whole continent. Someone should write an alternate history book where this happens…

  29. 49jubilee

    Asians. Still bleach their skin

  30. Whitney Titus

    Say it loud without Azie is a hole in my heart. 😔

  31. Danielle M Hall

    I feel like the Soul Glow ad was an iconic moment in history

  32. Daphneamy360 AkA Daphne's World!

    Yessss love it👍❤️

  33. Melissa Dunton

    I just love you ladies. 🥰

  34. Yaa Malima

    Just let your soul 👊🏾 glow! 🌝

  35. Julie Robin

    This video is everything. You guys are ridiculously talented. (Applause)

  36. Ndi EKWERE

    oh my Heavens so funny

  37. Tay Tay

    Love this!

  38. ISHUKE

    I love these kind of videos but why do we start our history with slavery black people have been alive for over 40000 years. lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng before we came to america

  39. FeelinErie

    I still use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation in "Cocoa" because it matches my complexion PERFECTLY and it is cheap <3

  40. chicee123

    I remember when I was in high school I wanted to have "scene" hair. I used to straighten my hair so much it was FRIED honey. But then I started watching youtube and seen all these natural haired women and I wondered if under the perm, my hair looked as beautiful. And it did. <3

  41. courtney franklin


  42. Katherine Tillery

    As a white chick with curly hair that grew up in antique southern town. I remember my grandmother having to go up to my elementary school multiple times raising kane because the teachers found my hair distracting and wanted me to straighten it or would tell me to wait in the hall. One kid went as far as cutting my hair in class without even getting in trouble. This was the late 90's. Some places only except straight and white.

  43. Kayla Vernet

    Rihanna cancelled

  44. Moddy Dhoo


  45. Ethic Ethnic

    well I guess its more on hair care & skin care. No mention of African braids, bantu knots, cornrows, twists, locks, steatopygia…. More could have been said on lips, & skin-bleaching. But a nice video nonetheless, especially mentioning Spanish rule.

  46. Willy Shookspeared


  47. onbeingtshego

    I saw the thumbnail and was like “I don’t know if that’s Hallease but I know those are Hallease’s earrings”

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