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  1. Toni Conn

    I had low back pain after picking up the yard the day before. This video really helped! Thank you!

  2. Laken Hood

    I'm a PT in Memphis; evaluating a low back pain patient and she told me about you guys! Just saying HI 🙂

  3. Rose


  4. Amanda S

    they keep saying . . . "Don't forget to breath" How does a person forget to breath? isn't breathing automatic? I mean, wouldn't we die if we dint breath? i jst don't understand it

  5. ShushLorraine

    This has helped me SO much! I've been watching your videos for a while. I learned from you that my four hour daily drive, waiting in the car and (ahem) too much couch sitting is the cause of my lower back pain. Some of that couch sitting is excusable, but that's another story. So, I've been doing some of the exercises you have suggested here and they've really been helping. Thank you!

  6. wardn53

    Can't watch this video. Very poor quality.

  7. Crochet Comfort

    Thanks so much, i need this so much!

  8. Bestmomever

    Very hard to watch Very wordy and the sound is terrible

  9. Aditya Shelke

    Hi bob and brad i follow your videos regularly and i absolutely love them….i wanted you guys to make a video about sports hernia as i cant find a particular doctors with proper advice…..pls guide all the sports hernia patients as to how we must go about this injury

  10. Daniel Ferdinand

    Sorry guys. You are great but this video is unwatchable. Something went wrong with the video stream.

  11. don juran

    Does anyone know where I can purchase one of those blue balance poles brad was using on this video?

  12. Kirsty Macfarlane

    I've got a question for you, after my op 17 years ago for cuada equina, l5/s1, I'm still left with limited mobility on the right leg and foot. My biggest bug bearer is when I try to go on my tip toes, I can't, the 3 smallest toes curl under. Any exercises that I could do to get better mobility and stability in my right foot? Thanks in advance xx

  13. Peggy

    Perfect timing for this. I tweeked my back on Tuesday. Hopefully these stretches help.

  14. Kirsty Macfarlane

    I just found my old bull worker! I'm actually surprised you guys have never mentioned this piece of equipment. You get great results and it's pretty difficult to injure yourself. Terrible lagging on the video and I'm watching the recording!

  15. James Fox

    Very choppy & jumpy, like the robot dancers! ;))

  16. Caitlin Macs

    I would appreciate your not talking so much and getting to the point as stated in the title.

  17. Nadide Batin

    Love you guys…

  18. don juran

    Where can I buy a blue pole for balance like the ones in this video? Thank you

  19. Patricia Streufert

    Love you guys! Funny and informative.

  20. Rachel Yorath

    Brilliant video lads keep it up

  21. stephen davis

    Video is showing a time of about 30 minutes. Very choppy and hard to watch.

  22. HempSmoke

    You guys should just make a video because its very laggy and hard to follow.

  23. carsten nielsen

    the video seems to have problems playing fluently, guys.

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