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  1. BestClone

    Haha, YEs! I was hoping you'd play this!

  2. Cdeck 222

    A C C U R A T E

  3. K


  4. Noctemic

    Puts down MP5K for a glock… Jfc

  5. Wolfpack335

    Plz do a face reveal

  6. Robert Kuczera

    Twitch ain't paying enough or why the fuck are you uploading on YT again?

  7. JordaniusVonRhod

    Why do half of these comments consist of quotes from the video??

  8. Joshua Pressley

    What up son!

  9. Sum Ting Wong

    I didn't expect Boneworks to be scary but it's the closest I've come to breaking a controller

  10. 2skins

    I'm just imagining a Viking going through boneworks

  11. Beef Supreme

    The worst part of this video is that you're still using Vive wands instead of Index controllers. They feel so much better to use, especially in Boneworks.

  12. TheOnlySp1r1t

    chooses mp5k over two glocks 🤣

  13. BrockyTM

    What program do you use for your twitch chat?

  14. Heynando

    Hahahahaha American technology

  15. pickle raider

    can you play more minecraft

  16. Dark Squirtle

    Where are the videoz Robertaz?

  17. BrbWifeIsYelling

    Quite nice axehole you made for him.

  18. Rexis Goldeneye

    3:25 on a side note, I havent seen a Viking charge like that since your Skyrim days. Its been a long time…..King of Sweden

  19. amir muzakkir

    Can't w8 for deadspace in vr

  20. Anzuki

    ロバーズ殿、何処に行ってらっしゃたのか? 其方の声は懐かしいですおる、王様。

  21. Tom Jumburg

    I don’t care how long it takes to upload it just has to be this quality content

  22. SoldatCrinale

    Tell allan to edit more cooking with the Cock videos please.

  23. Merchant WarLord

    My back is already in pain😂😂😂😂

  24. Zeratul

    GTFO in VR. Ohh damn.

  25. Vijay

    get better posture today. Immediately, kenshi rubbaz crouched sanic pops up in tab XD

  26. Chase Legoman

    5:00 "I'm Swedish, we're pacifists"

    Laughs in Carolus Rex

  27. Void.

    more f r o m t h e d e p t h s please, love you <3 no homo

  28. Jam_ X


  29. Alan Osgood

    I never agreed to edit your video Robert

  30. Reverend Andy

    "Dance… with the Second Amendment!"

  31. Sausageman 2169

    9:50 proof Robert shot up the Florida night club

  32. EvilMyselfVG

    MOM I'm in the video

  33. Nicole Valle

    Robbaz more fallout 4

  34. End my Eternal Suffering

    I miss Robbaz and his sexy voice

  35. Doxscund

    8:23 This I feel is the gun equivalent of spilling your spaghetti

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