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  1. Miki Miyazaki

    Aside from z, brian is the greatest strongman of all time, but big z is super boring as a character and Brian is super awesome.

  2. JoeCnNd

    Here before they post view count.


    6:46 8X MR. OLYMPIA 🏋🏽‍♀️🤔😂👌🏾

  4. Payam yazdi

    Arnold Schwarzenegger should be a role model for every immigrant coming to USA.

  5. Kick Ass

    What do they sniff before dead lifts

  6. Princess Morris


  7. Olola Bear

    Thanks YouTube this is great! More, more, more athletes & athletic DocMovies.
    Brian Shaw is the MAN!

  8. Debra Clark


  9. Garon Slaton

    Id much rather be a bodybuilder and look like im the strongest with a slim waist line and not like im a heart attack waiting to happen, rather than actually be the strongest man and be too bloated to put on my socks, tie my shoes etc. Thats why I've always chose bodybuilding, which still consists of lifting large amounts of weight. Opinions vary i guess

  10. DH Thomas

    World's Strongest Man is the elite competition in the sport because it gets better publicity and the events make it to where it's more "fun" and accessible for the "average" sports fan to watch. But anybody who knows the sport knows the Arnold is where the truly strongest man is crowned.

    For example, the 1990 WSM: the final event was one where they strapped some kind of big ass weight to their backs and had to run around a track. Jon Pall won it, but if the last event had been a pure strength event, O.D. Wilson would have won the title that year. Running around a goddamn track isn't a test of strength – it's a test of endurance.

    Plus the WSM seems to always be held outdoors in extreme weather conditions. You can't expect 300-400 pound guys to be at their best when it's 102 degrees outside. The Arnold is about strength and nothing else. The playing field is level, and the best will win.

  11. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

    his wife finds him disgusting —-shows on her face

  12. eci Vilma

    Why do they have to force feed? That's ridiculous! And that's Mr.Schwarzenegger leading this program! WOW!

  13. Triple A

    How sad 😥
    To say jus stuff yourself with the most unhealthy greasy foods, being manipulated that having a keg is smarter than abs..
    And history has shown, that anybody that gets that big before they are 50, have taken steroids at some point in their lives..
    Plus they are not the fastest most efficient of fighters either, which makes them all easily defeated…
    Also, they'll always be suppressed to what their true humanself is really capable of achieving, keeping locked down to their 3 dimensional limited beliefs… And the sad part is people find inspiration in that… smh lol

  14. Jean Rivard Bertrand

    Remarkable look into the world of serious weightlifting. I remember an early Arnold documentary of his successes and then arriving in America as a very confident, even cocky, immigrant. What a long way the sport has taken him!

  15. lordfashion

    halfthor in a suit

  16. Jesusita Perez

    Read the story on John the Baptist 👩‍🏫👩‍🔬🤶

  17. Jesusita Perez

    Dude's …
    He was probably feeling
    ,like. I AM…..right now.
    He ran to the plate 👩‍🏫😀🕊️❤️👍
    Have a happy New year 🎉

  18. Jesusita Perez

    U know that story John the Baptist 👩‍🏫😀…
    He ran to the plate…
    "Zach and Dolly Parton's" …There was JESUS.🎁🕊️❤️

  19. LauraNYC

    incredible !!!! speechless !!!

  20. BIG 191

    Thanks YouTube. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  21. Jishi Katsu

    14:50 heart monitor part.
    18:42 think everyone is striving for that

  22. Scott Finley

    What commitments they make. . So much pain.

  23. Dar`shay HOLDeNhEavYMeDaL

    I am watching this!

  24. johnny kscooby

    meatball shaped eddie hall!!

  25. Stand Mccray

    all i can say is dayum

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