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  1. Stacey Long

    On a wait list…. So cant wait to start getting it. I canceled my ipsy glam bag fot this.

  2. That's Life beauty

    I am on the waitlist for this box,.it looks amazing…not a fan of cuticle oils either, but the rest looks good

  3. Angie Daniel

    I'm on the wait list and super excited to check this out myself

  4. debra hembree

    I'm on the wait list

  5. Tammy Pitt

    Hi Miss Yari! I can't get my hands on this box? And I want it… Lol! Do you have any answers for me? I feel like I'm missing something… Lol! I love you!

  6. Eva Butcher

    Thanks for the video, on the wait list,will give it a try can always cancel if not happy

  7. Love & Laughter

    Beautiful look with the items in your box!! I dont know about this box subscription, Much love and God bless sister!!

  8. rox rey

    I'm on the waitlist. IMO the box is like a mystery box. I'm very interested in getting this box. I think for the price the box is worth. Today I posted on their page and was told by fashionsta…. go to their page to find out.

  9. Mary Medina

    On waitlist

  10. Rose LaRouge

    Oh a palette made for my very pale skin! I love the eye look! I must try it! On the waitlist

  11. katie tan

    Girl it took me all day to get to see your video I heard good things about this box great video on this

  12. Kathrin McCarty

    I signed up some time ago to be on the waitlist. I hope they start going through it soon!

  13. Helen Quick

    You look amazing as always

  14. Helen Quick

    I love those files

  15. Shannon Stepp

    I signed up and I am on the waitlist but how did you get your hands on this box because when it burns came out cuz this is only their first or second box and my girl Just Anne & not so evil stepmother you were the only ones that I knew that had it and everybody that was watching their channels jumped over there and subscribed when they did they said that they got such an overwhelming response to the Box that there'll be a wait list but I should be off the waitlist 1st of August and I don't know if I heard you mention this part but fashionsta is a website is influencer based and they would only let influencers get the box but they watched all these other subscription boxes and what they were doing right what they were doing wrong and put their own box together but I spoke with them because Anne and not so evil stepmom got a tarte palette. Not an old one it was a newer one it was nice but I spoke with fashionsta and ask them if there was going to be a palette in every box and they said no but then we're going to try and it's not there would be other things in there that would be just as great and you are guaranteed not to get a repeat item but like if you get your box next month and you could get the tarte palette in your box next month because you didn't get it this month you see what I'm saying you'll never receive the same item but you will receive items from past boxes as long as you never received them before you can also go on their website and Shop they've got a soulection you push 4 Boutique and that's where it has all the influencers names that have their items on that site or their favorites and you can shop there exact box and all that stuff which is really really expensive. but I'm glad you got this box I've been dying to tell everybody about it and I'm hoping that I get it come August. TFS. By the way love your vacation vlog your family is so daggone cute and your husband such a gentleman

  16. cg gv gvLeslie gvRogers

    How did you get your box so quickly? They are waitlisting everyone:(

  17. Deborah Middleton

    Hi Yari!! Oooh does that eyeshadow look good on youuuu!! When u opened it i thought it ws way too light. But it ws perfect on ur eyes!! And the Ofra …🤗🤗🤗 i ws excited for u !!!

  18. Amanda Wright

    I feel they sent the best boxes to big influencers and now everyone is jumping on bandwagon the normal boxes r starting to be shown . I am gonna give it a few months to see how it goes before I try it

  19. Bobbie M

    Thanks for unboxing this. Your eyes turned out very pretty. 😊

  20. thelittlewildkat1

    Would you consider holding the products out closer to the camera?

  21. Just call me Jo

    I’ve never heard of this box before.

  22. JustMeMina garcia

    go watch my unboxing

  23. JustMeMina garcia

    i accidently got two i only want one lol

  24. Brenda Muhs

    I love what I've seen so far on different unboxings… On the waitlist🤞🤞🤗. Like I've read in the comments, I really hope quality and pricing aren't going to change..💕

  25. Mally Flower

    I've not heard anything about this box

  26. Ariana Vitale

    Do you have to pay for shipping?

  27. brittania doughty

    Hey girl!!!! My box was pinkish and ALL of my products were different than yours besides the Salt hair oil. I got a Becca highlighter, a Bareminerals mascara, a Sigma foundation brush, a cute little compact mirror, a liquid eyeshadow, and a Limecrime liquid lipstick. Not to bad at all. Excited to see what comes next with this subscription.

  28. ann868788

    I love the sigma palette. Those colors looked very nice on you.

  29. Loquita Boricua

    Gurl did u see my unboxing? It was horrible. Plus my box was a different color than yours. Idk about this cuz it looks awesome as well as the others ive seen unboxed compared to mine.

  30. Debbie Bush


  31. Ginger Willetts

    Box twins 🙂

  32. Norma Martinez

    I absolutely don't need anymore makeup but I get Boxycharm because of the spoilers, I enjoy the face care items in the boxes, everything else are added extras I use as gifts most of the time. This box will be a pass for me but enjoy your videos, looking forward to see what you get next☺

  33. Michelle Butler

    I watched Just Anne unbox this one and I have to say, her box seemed way better than what you got. But that could be just because the nail file, cuticle oil and hair oil do no appeal to me at all.

  34. L Green2150

    Hi Yari. I’m on the waitlist. Can’t wait for them to add more subscriber at the end of the month. What seems interesting to me is that I watched 4 upboxing of this box now and different products for the most part

  35. Janee Lytch

    Hey Yari, this big is awesome , iam interested, love the items 💟💟💟

  36. Neia Quaintance

    I'm on the waiting list;) can't wait

  37. Katrina Nichole

    That's definitely not a box I need.. I'll save my coins got boxy specialty boxes.. "The Box" just isnt the box for me..

  38. Julia Rdz

    What is the lipstick you put on after taking off the gloss?⁉️

  39. Makeup Hues And Views

    You make a good point about being surprised each month because there are no spoilers.

    I would be so flattered if you watched my July The Box by Fashionsta unboxing video!!! I have no shame and am asking you in the comments. You, Elizabeth Wolfe and TMCNatural are my favorite 3 YouTubers

  40. Priscilla Nelson

    Great video

  41. Priscilla Nelson

    Ok box

  42. Alexis Crenshaw

    I feel like all boxes are good in the beginning to hook you in then slowly go downhill.

  43. Joyce Lopez

    Yay I is this another pr box or are u paying 4 it? I heard boxy he's there favorite pr persons and pr always gets the good and right shades going by b profile if this is true it's not fair at all.alot came out

  44. Rosa Franco

    Hi!! Bella me encanto la peleta de sombras de Sigma ❤❤

  45. Hanna Kush

    Love the grey shadow! I’m a sucker for cool tones

  46. Patti Boudreaux

    Love love the eye look! I like greys 👍🏻

  47. Eva PM

    Sigma shadows are the bomb. That gray looks so nice on you. I’ll give it a try because I just unsubbed from Boxy and Ipsy

  48. no mud no lotus

    I hope they didn't send out all these great boxes to get people to sign up and then the quality goes down. I'm really looking forward to it as long as that doesn't happen!

  49. no mud no lotus

    I'm on the waitlist for this and can't wait!!❤😍

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