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  1. MegaPlex

    ik who that guy is he goes to my school dont worry is can eat now 😀

  2. Heracles Theodoros 2

    This boy should be quarantined since he cannot eat anything.

  3. Mane Selles

    Don’t go out to dinner with him ever! I hope you will find a cure for him!

  4. Kevin Howard

    It's now 2019 and they still have no clue about his medical condition.

  5. blake mcdaniel

    he probably dead now just sayin

  6. Alphie Gamers

    0:20 makes me itchy – 1 particular cup of lemonade
    1:15 makes me itchy – chocolate
    1:16 makes me itchy – candy

  7. Rachel Ryan

    Poor kid that must suck

  8. FreeSpirit

    I don't recall them mentioning what he has.
    Does he have eosinophilic esophagitis?

  9. Kemoshea

    Now, if he can only eat ice, why wouldn’t they have some crushed ice already prepared for him? He’s going to crack his teeth on those big cubes.

  10. Mohamed Ahmed

    They should give to him a black seed and honey 🍯

  11. eye of providence

    Why won't ABC broadcast stories of the multiple illegal prostitutes that corporations and congress partake in monthly all ages allotted?

  12. Jaydon Dyer

    I will pray for you

  13. *Gamer Tiger*

    There is also Alex visker who's allergic to.food he can't even eat ANYTHING

  14. Rodrick Smokes Dank

    I think he has to die,he can’t just live like this,well this was years ago so he’s probably already dead

  15. Brian vaccaro

    What are stomach “crumps”

  16. Mya Name

    I feel bad💔

  17. Savage Kid

    God save him 😞😞 god bless you 💆🏼‍♂️

  18. Bianka Delafuente

    So he can't eat pizza, wings,or ICECREAM

  19. Mina Luv

    I rather switch my stomach with him

  20. Amanda Caldwell

    Oh my I just threw my food away because I felt so horrible for him! I hope they find answers soon!!!

  21. lois griffin

    God bless him he said if he could eat he would eat chicken or cheese 😢 i feel so sorry for him

  22. Alfie Lynch 95 New

    No Way

  23. Carmen McNair

    It's not fair the baby gets to sit there and eats ice all day

  24. Princess Sparkles x

    Omg! I feel so sorry x poor you 😫

  25. emilio esquivel

    what a brave boy

  26. Christian Riethmiller

    Bruh rip

  27. Geordo1960

    CBS can you please put a link on this video to some way of helping this young man and his parents?

  28. Geordo1960

    Hey Caleb that was some excellent shredding!!!

  29. Geordo1960

    I really respect the parents for not going out and making the child sit and watch everyone else enjoy themselves at a meal. I certainly hope that there is someway of suppressing his allergic reaction so that he can have a normal life.

  30. LXLILLY 101

    When he said chicken I said WAIT YOU CANT HAVE KFC!! NOOOO!!!!!!!

  31. ChipoDunDiddly

    I want to scooter with him! He looks super nice and also good at scootering!

  32. miguel baray

    I will pray for him to eat agen♡♡♡♡♡♡

  33. Isabella siverly

    That's crazy

  34. Park Jimin95


  35. Miyah T


  36. XxQueenRiannaxX

    I feel really bad for him awh I hope there can become a cure for this because everybody should have a nice meal to eat 😔 this is sad

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