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  1. KataM

    Maybe will work better with Fenty pro filtr foundation?

  2. donna Melatti

    I don’t see any difference. I would like to know who they test this on for them to claim all that’s stated on their website👍🏼. Let’s move on lol. New UD and don’t forget the brush video 😊❤️❤️

  3. Michalia Heslop

    This site has uploaded my account for $3512 , which is the first site I met and it is not deceptive,

  4. Ava Floss

    Hi Nikkia please compare and do top 5 high end tinted moisturizer for oily n combo skin…thanks

  5. Karinna Rodriguez

    Definitely not for oily skin. Please review the Cover FX mattifying primer with acne treatment!!

  6. Sarah Bazil

    Wish my skin looked like that after 12 hours! In about 4 I'm twice as oily as that… it's so gross and I'm so over it! Please create something that actually works!!!

  7. Bron 123

    Yes, end of day rituals are the best !
    I couldn’t notice a difference either 😕
    Love the eye look today Nikkia…would be great if you could do a tutorial on it…& also the new Urban Decay foundation review (think I’ve already asked lol)
    Hope you’re having a great week ! Cheers Bron 😊

  8. Sarana Chamling

    Ohhhhh no……ur make up looks horrible nikki to be honest 😫😫

  9. Nani

    can you review the UD naked skin and the smashbox oil / shine control primer??

  10. Nani

    honestly this primer did nothing. waste of money and i wouldnt recommend picking up tbh. but THANK YOU for reviewing.

  11. Monica Kent

    I just ordered this yesterday! So happy to see you review it. Do you think it helped control oil any better or worse than other primers?

  12. Darlene Cryderman

    Omg! Your lashes are gorgeous!

  13. beauty girl

    Hi. What primer and foundation combination do you recommend for a wedding? I get married in September and have been watching videos all the time to try and figure out what foundation will last all day look good in person and photograph well. I have tried so many different combinations and nothing is working. PLEASE HELP ME 😂

  14. MaBaker

    I am at work and my NJC Illuminate Highlighting Palette has been delivered and all I wanna do is play 😩

  15. Linda Nanan

    Thank you beautiful ❤️ I have oily skin and am on the hunt for a Matt prime!!

  16. MakeMeUpGorgeous 19

    Would love to see some reviews on Kylie cosmetics and kkw beauty

  17. ari salcido


  18. Jennifer Sanchez

    First of all hell yes on the the top three things that are the best at the end of the day for us women's 😁 lastly but not least I absolutely agree I don't see that much of a difference on either side. Thank you Nikkia 🌺

  19. Alyssa Thorwart

    What is on your lips?

  20. MakeMeUpGorgeous 19

    I would have loved to see the primer put on your nose to really see the difference

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