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  1. Tiffany Sollog

    I’ve heard great things about the new Nabla highlighters.
    Candles by Victoria… I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of them.

    Fragrances…. how about Demeter? I’ve also been curious about the Zara x Jo Malone collab.

  2. LiveLaughLoveDream23

    Yes! Please do the candle video!

  3. Sere Rev

    Hi Lauren! If you want to try a few indie perfume oils you can check out Ajevie, she's a decanter who works with lots of indie perfumeries. If your order from her site you can try samples from all the brands you want and they all get shipped together which is so useful (especially for non-US people, considering shipping costs..)

  4. lilly muc

    I got the Hollywood flawless Filter on black friday for 20% of since i Wanted to try it for so long and so far i Really like it as a cream highlighter 🙂

  5. Coral

    What foundation are you wearing? Loving the finish 😍

  6. Jo Marie

    I just ordered a nabla highlighter. They look amazing and I'm excited to try them.

  7. hannah jane

    my top three brands i want to try next year are kaleidos (futurism i, ii, & iii), nabla (secrets palette, pressed powder, the skin glazes), and em cosmetics (serum blushes, lip clouds, glosses, and eyeliner). these brands just really speak to me & i love their aesthetics, i’ve had most of these items on my list this whole past year and they never got cut as i really thought over items and bought next to nothing this year.

  8. Sara Zimmerman

    Yes to Menagerie! I got the lion palette and love it 😍😍 also got the friends palette from Peachy Queen. I really want to support smaller indie brands in the next year instead of giving my money to the big ones.

  9. J T

    I really wanted to like the Henry Rose perfumes but I don't they are just too heavy and too old smelling. But ifyou buy their discovery pack they send a coupon for like $20 of a full size. The By Rosie Jane is available at sephora- so i went , got some samples and made my own "discovery pack" they have a couple with fig in them too!

  10. RacheybabeBeauty

    I am living for this esthetic. Trees, blouse, eyeshadow, hair. Über cute!

  11. carmel tunac

    Ooh I've been wanting to try menagerie for awhile and I finally got a couple palettes during the black friday sale. I'm excited to receive them soon!

  12. Rhianastasia

    Nabla, is well Nablahh.

  13. Marilee K

    I have a travel size of Heretic Dirty Mango. It’s really good. I highly endorse the discovery set!!

  14. Summer Kadriana

    Just found ur channel I think ur videos are really good! Subscribed

  15. Katelyn Hassey

    I want to try Menagerie SO badly. Also Give Me Glow, Kaleidos and I really want the Muerte palette from Melt. I just got a mini Hourglass veil powder and would love to try their blushes and other stuff and also Charlotte Tillbury but I've heard the Flower powder and W7 powder are dupes for it so I'll just try those probably. Also want to try Thrive Causemetics and Shroud, that Arcana palette has my name all over it. Unfortunately all the things I want are crazy expensive 😣

  16. S. Larimer

    If you like Heretic, you should try Sixteen 92, they're more affordable but have some incredible perfumes. Salem is my go to fragrance!

  17. Margo McGeough

    So feel you on the eyeshadow siren song. I love this eye look, what a pretty crystal blue!

  18. Mackenzie Cobb

    I would check out A to Z candles! I heard about them from JHolmie here on YT and they’re on my candles list to try for sure

  19. Aspen Spring

    Candles by Victoria!!! Love them! Plus Jen Luvs Reviews has a link with them that donates to a local school and her channel ❤️

  20. J K

    Budgeting is a good topic for any channel that focuses on those who collect anything. It's also excellent in this climate challenged world to talk about reducing consumption. Thank you for addressing these topics.

  21. Ashley Bruno

    Candles by Victoria!

  22. Ola Abakumova

    i wanted to try glossier and today they had issues with every of my orders(( so i can’t check it for now

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