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  1. Monika Engel

    Thank you great video

  2. Teresa Atkinson

    This was spot on with what my Dr just told me yesterday. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma and it was a 1.2 cm. I was "hoping" I wouldn't need the radiation treatments, but if I do, well better than getting it back again. Thank you so much for this video!

  3. Victoria Tataryn

    Thank you. Could be great also to have a talk about cancers with BRCA mutations and your opinion on their treatment options.

  4. zainab ali

    Hello,is surgery necesscary in breast cancer while one gets good response by chemo and then radition and five years hormanal tharapy??

  5. Al Kou

    Excellent presentation!

  6. Dr ranjana kaushal

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  7. Jo Ann Boyd

    Not if

  8. Shari Thorley

    Excellent video. You tell everything straightforward, and the way it should be told.

  9. mbejjalovely

    Thank you soooooo much

  10. sandiandstevie

    Excellent! Thank you.

  11. 53gracy

    Thank you!  Your presentation was clear and concise.  Gave me great info to talk about with my doctor.

  12. Sang Dunn

    Now I understand very clearly !! Thanks.

  13. Vee

    Spiel- a long or fast speech or story, typically one intended as a means of persuasion or as an excuse but regarded with skepticism or contempt by those who hear it….unprofessional much?!?

  14. Linda Marquis

    Just found out I have breast cancer . Several women I know have died from it in spite of treatment. Thank's for this very informative explanation . I also have just found out that I have skin Lupus, I wonder if that will affect the cancer or the treatment? I am sure my oncologist will tell me when I see him . It helps me to remember that all of us have the same prognosis from birth of death. I am glad I believe in Heaven and God ! Thank You for this video.

  15. chele10580

    I am 37 and am post double mastectomy about 8 months. My diagnosis was invasive lobular carcinoma estrogen and progesterone positive with no lymph node involvement. No chemo or radiation and just tamoxifen for the next 10 years. Great video ♥️

  16. R *

    Great presentation.

  17. Fe Watkins

    thank you Dr Leigh Neumayer. excellent explanation of breast cancer. i wish all breast cancer doctors explain like you do specially to those who just receive the bad news that she has breast cancer.

  18. John Smith Clemense

    Excellent information thanks doctor

  19. Suheil Simaan

    Good inputs

  20. Empress Mo BARKER

    question, so do u need radiation if u had a DCIS and a small invasive cancer inside it

  21. Paulette Peterson

    Answers so many questions. Probably would be good to watch it a few times.

  22. lynaem88

    I'm 29 years old. With no family history of cancer.

    Just. diagnosed with breast cancer the mass is 3.5 cm in diameter. With nothing detected in the lymph nodes.

    I've gone to two doctors for opinions. One has said that because of my age a full mastectomy is the only option.
    The other would like to try for a lumpectomy but told me it might end up being a mastectomy of the affected
    breast . I have "dense breasts" apparently making the ultrasound and mammogram hard read and know for sure if it worse then they think.

    I'm going for a third option in the few weeks. As I know three weeks won't make difference.

    This video help answer questions I had but didn't address my concerns as a young women with breast cancer. Would there be different advice you would give me that you wouldn't give a patient in the 40/50, 70/80.

  23. Behilue Hile

    alot of yange women are daying when we no there is a cure for it we no you need your gob comon now i lost my mom my sister it is not fere

  24. Wanda Scooter Wise

    Thank you for this video. Following my diagnosis of Stage 2B IDC I had many questions but failed to ask, because I was just stunned and numb. I am going to be receiving the treatment that I need. I have also been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The Dr will be addressing it first. I go in for surgery in 2 weeks. Everything I was told about after care is a blur.

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