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  1. B C

    These stories are heartbreaking. We lived our own story with my mum passing away to cancer and watched it take more and more from her every day….. it’s such a horrible disease. Thinking of this poor family and many others who have lost loved ones to cancer.

  2. Chaelsea Louise

    RIP Brett was such a kind heart and having him as a teacher was a blessing it’s so upsetting knowing he’s passed 😪 my prayers go out to his family and his beautiful children x

  3. James 84

    Life’s so cruel

  4. hassan husni


  5. Simulated Gamer

    I saw this yesterday on gogglebox, then i saw it again and it made me cry

  6. Sunab


  7. Everything Melanin

    It's sad because there's a cure. You have doctors doing whole face transplants and changing men into women, but can't stop an abnormal growth? I lost 3 immediate family members to cancer.

  8. Roel Candaele

    Please bring my condolences to the family one way or the other, big hug roel candaele 🐻💓

  9. Roel Candaele


  10. Geriel De Asis


  11. James Carson

    Such a horrible disease. Brain Cancer is perhaps worse than Pancreatic.
    At least in the worst stages of Pancreatic Cancer you can still walk and talk even if it isn't much, but Brain Cancer takes absolutely everything from you.
    RIP Brett, you've left behind a legacy that'll last a lifetime.

  12. K M

    oh my goodness what can one say, so so sad

  13. Wendy Alexander

    Had to share this to my facebook as it really broke my heart watching this brave family & there fight.
    I myself have been touched myself with cancer & took 9 years to finnish my treatment & i was thankfully giving the all clear last week.
    From the start of Bretts brave journal
    Till the very end & the timing of the birth of his 3 little girl.
    Those imagies will stay with me of the last few hours & having his newborn placed onto his freal body is incredable.
    I pray for this family
    Dear Lord for currage stregnth & wisdom.
    Amen 🙏💜💜💜

  14. Kwesi Idun

    Just saw this during Gogglebox. I'm one of the most stoic people you'll ever meet, and I was balling! The photo of their third-born baby laying alongside him broke me! It's unbelievable that it's 2019 and the cure for cancer hasn't been found/hasn't been released yet! Things like this shouldn't still be happening in the late-2010s! It's disgraceful!

  15. Bombaclut Rustaclot

    My heart goes out to you and your family send you love and light

  16. Galaxy _mooncat77

    Rest in peace Brett you have amazing children

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