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  1. 信じてかわった

    Made it to just past 4 minutes. Too depressing. Hope their situations got sorted out for the better.

  2. Mary Davis

    It's hard to tell why Panama City is still this way is it Miss managed funds that have already been allocated, officials overwhelmed by an ability to prioritize or the massiveness of the damage. Terry. Praying for the Residence Inn Panama City

  3. Para Sakti

    Where is the divorce story that's in the title? There was the woman with the esophogus story and then later the man who had the drug problem… But no divorce story unless I missed something.

  4. angelgrace220722 Sunshine

    Diffantly Praying for resources to come in for these hurriance victims

  5. Everlast Thomas

    Praying for my dad, he be transformed, God heal him, have mercy on him, reunite us as a family. God you'll do it. Amen amen amen.

  6. Everlast Thomas

    Amen amen amen, God is watching over us. Our healer.

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