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  1. Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa

    u give me an ironic anxiety f

  2. ciou -iou-cat-

    S q U a I d S

  3. Xmarksthespot

    No one:
    Not a single human:
    Gray:more RAM and more ROM

  4. PizzaCatAnimations

    Gray- played game for 10 hours, but didn’t get anywhere

    Me- you have successfully failed

  5. Game Gladiator

    I’m playing the second one and I have a few hundred billion and all I’m getting is there are pros and cons on the phone

  6. Slub Dub

    Geez… What Indian or Chinese company is making all these game in Unity lol…

  7. I Cantthinkofagoodname

    Squaids! I forgot about that 😂

  8. Shelby Lyn Lowe

    I only remember squaids from squirrel aids and I remember it as a Philip Defranco reference

  9. Samantha Thibault

    Squaids is squirrel aids. Late to the party

  10. ThePuggle27 7h39ugg1327

    Noob I get 4000 points

  11. Touch my cactus

    Seems like apple marketing

  12. Devin R ⓰

    How does Gray keep breaking these games

  13. Albino Rhino

    It's squirrel aids right?

  14. Zane Grauel


  15. Luigi

    Stop giving apple ideas!

  16. santos szn

    squirrel aids

  17. Noodle Nuke

    i thought he said younger less gay version

  18. Kawaii Kimchaii

    okay but that Japanese name joke- stop
    not laughing :l

  19. Claudia Borges

    LOL he hired some wierd dudes and ran out of space as a awesome showed up
    Two big bars and a 10/10
    (LOL WTF)

  20. Kilian Outlook

    Dosent all smart phone give you CANSER GRYA

  21. Hope

    was squaids really used so long ago? I kinda just assumed everyone knew what squirrel aids was

  22. Fifi Bunch

    those phones are real you know. just not as effective.

  23. Jett Zhang

    I wish there was a PC version of a tycoon.

  24. Caleb Blair

    squirrel aids

  25. QWERTY sxrs


  26. QWERTY sxrs

    You……….. are cancer

  27. Rat Mom

    Yep, always good to see some wang growing

  28. Btd Cul123

    Squaids is a sexual disease

  29. jack brosius

    Squaides is squirrel aids

  30. Golden Eagle

    When your a guy its always better to have a bigger bar

  31. Signe Shushi


    iPhone: 10:05

  32. Thatcher

    Ninja Squirrels

  33. elmer

    10:17 song?

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