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  1. Burberrygirl

    This is the only name brand that make me wish I had loads of money….

  2. Jessica Blackwell

    This doesn't look very wheelchair accessible from the front or the inside. Is there at least an elevator inside?

  3. cam walker

    DAN CROLL!!!!

  4. 1982superskydive

    does somebody knows who has built this shop?

  5. Stormy Mittens

    omg pls open one in NY!!!

  6. Victoria

    I'm too poor for that

  7. GryphonsBard

    I love my Burberry Brit gift!

  8. AmandaAmandaLee

    So nice

  9. Travon A.

    My dream is to work for Burberry. Absolutely my favorite brand.

  10. Regent Street London W1

    Great video. The Burberry store on Regent Street, London W1 is a fantastic place to visit.

  11. cheshhh

    Looks so beautiful I nearly cried!!

  12. Tiajuana Shabazz

    Amazing concept!

  13. Sara Silva

    I love Burberry!!! I enjoy watching their commercials

  14. Serina Helene Ljung

    Now that's the kind of promo video other companies only dream of making, while Burberry simply does it. I especially like the "nail polish fountain" part, the powder clusters and the stop motion boxes. Next time I'm in London I know exactly where to go.

  15. unknownlove19

    now if only i had a money tree…

  16. Sam Loms

    What a creative idea! Would make such a nice gift!

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