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  1. Keka Samante

    President trump should get involved in this cover up concerning whether to saves lives or the bureaucrats system
    of this world it is time to stand up against this money machine .

  2. Tommy T

    I believe and have for a long time that chemotherapy is the modern equivalent to blood letting. The future will look back at us and say how did we ever do that to people and expect them to improve?

  3. sampson sampson

    Has anyone ever brought this to the attention of President Trump? He signed a bill that allows patients to ask for any treatment. Maybe he will stand up and speak for all the wrongs that have been done to Dr. Burzyski's.

  4. Lindsey Hall

    This video further proves the FDA must be dissolved.
    Population control and profit are their agenda, controlled entirely by the pharmaceutical industry.
    Given their bias, they must never be using public monies for their legal endeavours.

    Sodium bicarbonate salt cures cancer very efficiently.
    Dr. Warburg won the Nobel prize for medicine in 1931 for curing cancers with baking soda!

    The same bias and manipulation is exhibited with the subject of vaccination, which provides more than 20% of big pharma' profits. According to the AMA, vaccination is the cause of more than 150 diseases and conditions, but the FDA pushes the vaccine agenda unabated.
    Robert Kennedy Jr. proved vaccines have not been tested or quality controlled for more than 32 years, yet the FDA continues to prescribe them unabated.
    Dr. Andrew Moulden proved all vaccines cause damage, until he died ate the age of 47 of "suspicious causes"

  5. kjs100055

    Although I have real admiration for doctor Burzynski and his work, I'm just concerned after twenty or more years of treatments, only a handful of people rallied outside the court house? 🤔

  6. Fernando Faraldo

    Not the first time that the FDA stops life saving treatments, FDA should be abolish and a new system put in place according to the citizens NOT the government.

  7. LoveSriLanka🇱🇰

    US is so evil beyond comprehension…

  8. suemiller1000

    Eric Merola the doc maker was heavily critiscized for the bias of this film this medic posions his patients as much as other chemo

  9. Cleveland4kid20

    So if he is really trying to help people why doesn’t he come out and tell people how to cure it. You can’t cover up telling people. 2 people tell 4, 4 tell 8 and so on until the world knows??

  10. Barry Smith

    this is the kind of gadam BS that drove me out of the u s: a disease-maintenance-system-for-profit, co-called health care

  11. Barry Smith

    u s cops swear an oath to uphold the constitution: that's so far above&beyond-LOL, i'm done

  12. Ronald Witteman

    Old boys network are losing money ,power,and face….so he has to go.

  13. sscalise03

    There has been cures going back to India. CBD oil. For brain Cancer the treatment works with documented success in young patients.csight before metastisised.

  14. Joseph

    You’ve got patients, Drs, Judges, lawyers, a policeman etc on camera saying this is legit yet fools come on here and call it a scam.

  15. Tarnya Blackwell

    Brave courageous Dr .

  16. Ela Nieweglowski

    Corporations rule😠😠😠

  17. alice whiting

    I’m so angrey this works but yet theses big money pharmaceutical companies just want cash it’s a disgrace shame on u pharmaceutical s patients suffering with so called chemo treatment ect wake up gready companies stop the suffering 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  18. Rhythmista

    Disgusting, vile, greedy, evil human sewage wastes of skin who control the big pharma and medical industries. They are the excrement of society..

  19. Antisocial

    Why are americans so dumb to believe this proven scam

  20. M.T.

    B E W A R E! S C A M! Be careful people, dont believe everything!

  21. Mihali’s B

    Asian man knows the truth too! The system and the fda are a shame to humanity… this is one example of a failed system, not yet perfect 👌

  22. Speedy Grasshopper

    So the cure is found, BUT NO! Appalling, disgusting and evil greed.

  23. Speedy Grasshopper

    Wikipedia has become bought and fake propaganda, I believe very little there anymore.

  24. Ligia Valverde


  25. Naimz O

    Amazing documentary it’s crazy

  26. T O

    'Land of the free?, whoever told you that is your enemy' – Rage Against the Machine

  27. XRP Masterpiece

    Check out the "Burzynski Movie" youtube channel, there's 100s more hours of this story.

  28. steve johnson

    I wonder how much his treatment costs.

  29. Valerie Williams

    Cancer is operation crowd control in the U.S.

  30. GE

    WTF he should be treated like a hero , at least he is a hero to all the people he helped

  31. Youtube fan 213

    It's funny how people with money n lots of it survive cancer like Lance Armstrong he had brain .lung .testicle cancer now he's fit as a fiddler Michael Douglas throat cancer now fighting yet normal middle to lower class people just have to enjoy what time they have left.also if they revealed the cure n gave it to people there would be no more donations to cancer research they'd lose millions a year so it's better for them not to tell us money wise very sad but true.

  32. Estley Shikongo

    Just watch how they find a way to get him to stop talking/kill him and in the same breath get rid of this documentary or alter it just to cover it all up like they did with his work😭😭😭
    What happened to humanity???

  33. Lia I

    More people need to see this

  34. aurelle champagne

    That's the same method the canadian government uses to manipulate canadians.

  35. Toya

    I pray for Dr. Burzymski's safety and well being. He has found the miracle to cure cancer and he's, and all of his work, is/has been criminalized, defamed, tarnished, harassed, and slandered every which way possible 😠. The FDA and the big pharmas are ruthless greedy entities all concerned with nothing less than profit. I SUPPORT DR. BURZYNSKI 100%!!!

  36. Super Eagle

    you know, big pharmaceutical are behind of this all

  37. Super Eagle

    OMG why didnt i heard of this before ?my mum should be living until now

  38. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    A cure for cancer and they cover it up WOW

  39. Billiejo life happy


  40. Dr Teddy

    This…. Is….. Insane….

  41. Bela _

    i didnt know this channel did conspiracy theories

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