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  1. Hyrule Princess

    My Tati palette is in transit but the Shane collection is a no go for me. The shade range just doesn't do anything for me.

  2. i s

    Most wearable palette ever

  3. Nicolle Davis

    Loving your videos. I really want Tati's palette so much! Hope you are doing fabulous! 😘

  4. Y izzie B

    Thanks for the review !! I want to buy the Tati palette !! I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about it !!

  5. Rosella Cuellar

    Hi, new subbie here!! What do you think of the New Huda Mercury palette? I’m drawn to it! Also, which foundation do you wear and the shade? Thank you!!

  6. Petra Cunningham

    I love love love it. I have used it every single day and it has inspired me to create everyday I have owned this pallette! Reccomend 10 out of a 10

  7. sheryl w

    72 for both palettes for Shane and Jeffree

  8. Blanca Garcia

    Img yes oh yes
    Shane makeup pallete
    Is great
    U can use every day look. Or go glam and bold. He really created a pallete that can be use in any ocation

  9. HEIDI

    Love the fact I can use Tati’s pallet everyday.
    Shane’s has colors I would never use, to gimmicky for me.

  10. Stacey LaValley Lambert

    Am I the only one NOT buying Tati’s palette? I love her and her reviews, and James is a cutie, but…. not interested.

  11. Mehbuba Noor

    I loved Tati's palatte and it is the first beauty guru palatte that I bought. It's worth all my money

  12. Francis Camacho

    I have that new color pop palette is amazingggggg

  13. Casey Thomas

    I'm going to be asking for some of the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collaboration for Christmas.

  14. Angie Elliott

    So safe to do vol.1 as neutrals. Most ppl use these colors on the daily. I love crazy colors! But I bought this, and I'm excited!

  15. carrie garcia

    I got beauty bakerie, tati,lilly lashes ,and color pop so far. I am planning on the conspiracy pallete and mini+lip bundle. And pig mirror. Yup. Im a makeup whore

  16. Toby Catone

    And so how did she pick which subscribers to invite to the launch? I really want to know

  17. Jennifer Ficklin

    The BH is nowhere near Tatis quality, nor is it the same with all the different textures, and u just can’t tell unless you play with it in person… pics etc does it no justice, this is the ultimate neutrals palette that is going to lay down all the groundwork plus a ton… definitely get this if you plan to get any of her others.

  18. Sarah Kwak

    eye shadow palettes are my weakness too! OMG!! especially nudes!!

  19. Heidi Cook

    I’ve only heard good things about Tati’s palette. So happy for her.

  20. lina astudillo

    Is been a while I don't watch your videos I'm been super busy and finally I'm in my bed watching you Nicole I love your makeup. 😗😗

  21. Kelly’s Korner

    The only one I will be getting is Shane’s. I love him I love Jeffrees. I wish he would make filthy rich (from thirsty) a single. My favorite all time glitter. I may get Tatis. Not sure yet.

  22. Mesha

    You can pick star island up on eBay for about $10 since it was recently in Ipsy. I was also able to pick up both the Madison miller shades together for $14 by asking a seller that was selling 3 packs of both shades if she’d sub one out. The 3rd I’m going to gift or swap.

  23. Denise Crawford

    Hey Nichole!!💜The Tati! palette is GORGEOUS and I LOVE it, I bought her palette I was on her website at 1p.m.eastern time and bought it lol!! I have the original Ofra Rodeo Drive single pan palette we received in Boxycharm a couple years ago and I love it and still use it, I've hit pan on mine too lol, but that's what it's for right to use lol!! I also have another one in the new packaging in a mystery box I think bcuz I would have never bought it knowing I already have one lol!! The other full size highlighters I have had to have come in subscription boxes or mystery boxes, bcuz again I can't really afford to go out and buy them, but now I have a bunch of them, I also have bronzer and blushes from Ofra!! WOW the struggle is really real OMG!! I LOVE that palette with the 5 mini pans of highlighters, however I have all those colors in the bigger bulkier packaging!! OMG the struggle is real girl lol!! I didn't know about the new ColourPop collection what was it Bye Bye Birdie?? That palette is GORGEOUS, I may break down and order it OOOOHHHH I don't know I want you ColourPop bcuz that palette is GORGEOUS I LOVE the colors in it, the purples, mauves, pinky I don't know now lol!! TFS all this info with us Nichole, I think I'm going to wait a little bit for ColourPop, I have the Tati Beauty palette on the way and I broke down and bought a Hank and Henry mystery box a few days ago so both of those are on there way to me I'll see what I do after I get those!! Oh and the physicians formula looks AMAZING and tempting also lololol I almost forgot about you physicians formula lol!! Anyway thanks again Nichole and I'll see you in another video soon!!💜

  24. Actually_Ashley

    Honestly no tea but when i first saw the Bh Palette you talked about i thought it was the Norvina 4 lol it reminds me ALOT of the Carli Byble ABH palette. Also i have been thinking you know how huda did the mini palettes for different skin tones…. do you think ABH is semi doing the same The Jackie Palette for deeper skin, the Carli for medium skin, and i bet before Christmas there will be another collab palette but with someone with light skin tone. What do you think?

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