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  1. Face_By_Bais

    Hey Mel, I know I’m a few days late watching this but that last rainbow palette that you discussed I believe is from a company called “larac” cosmetics. The brand you’re speaking of that does the pro palettes that we are familiar with is the brand “Lorac” It’s two different spellings because it’s two separate brands I believe. I saw Nicole Guerrero talking about it if I remember correctly! I so enjoyed watching this video, thank you for always putting out consistent and quality content! 💗

  2. Carrie Mroczkowski

    Colourpop’s killing me with these neutrals, which I adore. I’ll probably be picking that one up.
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving🍂🍂

  3. Emma Chase

    I have to confess that I bought the JHill eye brush set during the Sephora sale. It has excellent reviews.

  4. Linda Balcom

    OMG, that company is LAROC not LORAC, damn that is the second time I got fooled, I went to the LORAC site because that palette looks so cool compared to all their other pro palettes, and could not find it, had to go to Trendmood and sure enough they are spelling it LAROC, as much as I like that, its shady AF to me, I know you got fooled to because you described LORAC shadows to a T.

  5. Nadine Smith

    Girl J Hill doesn’t always follow through with giving refunds as promised so proceed with caution sis. Buy it after you find out what’s in them and if anyone has any skin issues from her stuff before you purchase we can’t have our fave getting ill❤️.

  6. Liz Allen

    Thanks again for your honest reviews about upcoming products! Also, just curious-is the red panda in the background going to get a Christmas costume like it did for Halloween?

  7. Karen-Beth Rynk

    I have to get Bare Necessities.

  8. Luba Zak

    I am passing on the Bare Necessities pallet. Being the eyeshadow slut that I am, I already have all the dupable pallets from Colourpop according to the great comparison video that Amanda from Makeup Just for Fun put out which includes You Had me at Hello, Double Entandre, Give it to me Straight, I Think I love you and Going Coconuts, ect ect.
    I think it’s a good pallet if you don’t have very many Colourpop pallets.
    I couldn’t resist the Flutterby pallet.
    Haven’t used it yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving🦃🍁🍽

  9. Carlie Morgan

    That palette is not a LORAC palette, it's a LAROC.. a company from UK.

  10. Isabelle Schou

    I'm rather in love with the Nars Singapore eyeshadow quad 🙂

  11. MarissaHurst2

    Did you see the BOGO deal on Natasha Denona’s website??? It’s CRAZY! Buy one get one free on many of her eyeshadow Palettes!! Including the huge ones! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Leela Howland

    I’m obsessed with your shoulder to neck tattoos. Love the placement and love the black / light green vibe.

  13. RA Umm6

    ABH soft glam has been in Costco for $19.99 for months, FYI.

  14. Glitzy Fritzy

    I'm here LOL I know everybody was so worried ROFL Seriously … wanted to show you love before I have to get busy prepping and cooking for the countdown! If you get those Jaclyn loose powders let me know … like actually say "Yes Mary she's trying to dupe Lancome" LOL Love you! xoxo

  15. harini jhaveri

    Okay , I was so excited to hear your views on it , I ordered contour and blush palette too. 😍

  16. EnglishProfStyle

    Victoria Beckham was on Ellen Monday and said she wanted to create an affordable luxury brand. First time I’d heard of such a thing. Seems like an oxymoron.

  17. Apollinariya Rakina

    I am so afraid of Colourpop becoming Morphe! Please, DOOOOON'T!

  18. Shelly Liban

    Nars foundations do that to me too!! It’s all the alcohol!

  19. Claire T

    Mel will you do Tom Ford Badass eyeshadow quad review?

  20. Angela J


  21. Avianca G

    i love that you said your always in the mood for a new eyeshadow palette….. me too

  22. Johnnie Robertson

    I would love to see you review the neutral Scott Barnes eyeshadow palette.

  23. Jamie Sun

    For this BLACK FRIDAY SALE, I watched your Pats & ND ranking videos at least 5 times. The Pat’s palette is on the way. But for ND, I’m still struggling if I should put the Gold palette in the cart, gold palette or metropolis???? And the mini gold one??? Just couldn’t make my mind…it’s so hard 😖😖

  24. Colour Poppy

    Please don’t review JH’s crap. Because if you give your honest opinion on them.. Basically if you don’t give them rave reviews, her fanbase will come for you. And they are probably as bad as Tanya’s aka Tati.

  25. Gianina451

    I think the first colorpop palette that you showed is a big version of the coconut palette

  26. Jena Froese

    YOUR LIP COMBO 😘😘 I’m gonna do that! xoxox

  27. Marion T

    I am VERY interested in a review on the EM cosmetics pretty please!

  28. Leah Miranda

    Frozen theme aside, have you ever tried Shiseido shadows? I'm not interested in the collection, but am curious about the quality. Thank you for the video❤

  29. Corvette Shrell

    The KL x Colourpop is single shadows you will have to put into empty palette it is single shadows already on the site. I already have a lot of those colors.

  30. Giulietta Ciambotti

    I may buy the Alma Palette collab with AmyLovesMakeup, it is a gorgeous purple, pink and blue color story.. my style. Devinah Cosmetics is launching a topper collection, which looks amazing. I’m a topper freak. No JH, JS, K line of any type for moi. Did not buy Tati volume 1. The Muse Beauty sale is VERY interesting.. the storage, the Viseart cool mattes 2… hmmmmm… I’ll be making my choices on Black Friday. I hear you with the gold tone on my lighter skin tone.. no. Fun vid, as always!!! Do not buy the JH highlighters.. unless you really want them.

  31. Gabi Salse

    Cute eye look

  32. Victoria Washington

    Please Do Not Support Jaclyn Hill!!! (As Rich Lux) She's Nothing But A LIAR!!! LOL! As for the Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection, it would look STUNNING on Kelsey Briana Bae!!! ❤❤❤

  33. blueyes Nz

    Hey beauty ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Tawny K

    No to Jaclyn Hill highlighters 😂

  35. bedazzled64

    Honestly I don't care how "good" the JH highlighters are, I will never buy from her again. She can't be trusted, her true colors have shown up multiple times. I've got better things to spend my coin on.

  36. Kathleen J

    I am not buying from JH period. Her handling of the lipstick debacle, contaminated products, I will pass. She may have amazing highlighters, but I bet I find one just as good from another brand. Much love to my favorite Mel!!!

  37. Mariah Simonson

    Can you review some of the new Scott Barnes products?! My order is on the way!

  38. Toni Schonberg

    Beautiful lady, you give me inspiration, I have no hair, you with shorthair show me I can still look great, you are beautiful

  39. Anitra Turner

    On IG it was going to be 33% off on the bare necessities palette and 25% off I think on the brush roll set for colourpop on NOVEMBER 28th so if it is I’m going to get both but if it’s not I’ll just get the palette

  40. jo_ v80

    The colourpop butterfly palette looks gorgeous, I want the coconut one though 😍🤗

  41. Realene Gray

    I think I’ll pass on all of these items too many releases I can’t even enjoy the one I most recently bought and never touched. But you make and makeup look beautiful.👍

  42. C.G. M.

    Hey Mel 💖 hey everyone 💖
    ~ Charli

  43. Ditzy Princess

    Please don’t buy or support Jaclyn Cosmetics 🙁

  44. Tawny K

    Review the Colourpop Bare Necessities palette please!

  45. Vivian Issawi

    No jaclyn hill… it's not worth the headache

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