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  1. js c

    you teach me a lot,but where can i get another same videos

  2. Ananya Gupta

    I wish you told us what was originally in those three containersof liquid and also some general ideas for kids to collect various items in the house the create liquids for testing.

  3. shaikh yousuf

    The neutral colour of red cabbage extract

  4. Scott Williams

    Would green cabbage work the same way?

  5. Jennifer McGarvey


  6. A One

    What other acid base indicator can I use other than red cabbage?

  7. Nyomi Hickman

    What if you don't h be a blender

  8. Mathew Gordon

    Is there any way to make this oil-soluble?

  9. Yvng Vro

    how does the cabbage work as an acid indacater

  10. 임한나

    this is so cool

  11. Deuel Chyno Dolor

    Can I use different acid base indicator?

  12. Scientifica

    thank you

  13. Dave Power #6

    Why did the basic solution turn yellow at the end?

  14. Joshua Claes

    this is one of the first thing we did in chemistry class 😀

  15. Gigi The Snooper

    What an original indicator !! Great video 😉

  16. Dom

    Another great video.

  17. Marcos186cy


  18. جادو العراقي

    what      fouk

  19. Vineet Mehta

    that is some amazing stuff

  20. Rubén Alberto Léon Morales

    Which are the substances you are ussing to show different levels of PH? I mean the substances in the three bottles.  Great work by the way.

  21. James Craver

    What allows the anthocyanins to absorb different wavelengths of light depending on pH? To what degree are the color changes reversible?

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