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  1. Marcus Thomas

    If this movie is a sequel to Get Shorty like the book is, then why is Harvey Keitel in a different role here? Well, to be fair, he wasn't credited in Get Shorty. hmm

  2. Marcus Thomas

    In Get Shorty, isn't dude who gives Chili that little car the same dude that was the chauffeur to Ray in Get Shorty???

  3. John Williams

    But I know who the bust a cap in your ass gang is……precious.


    I have all ways like the lead women

  5. Ana Smith

    The dancing scene is the best! Love it it's a classic! 👍💯 😂😂😂


    like the movie


    Is Jim Jones your life's god , look at this deal they have for the good people Are they saying what Jim Jones Said! dont give them there way! An after what happened when they found out they were not for god at all. Take care we need to see more of what they are doing in the hopes for the USA!

  8. Matthew Morrissey


  9. Matthew Morrissey

    Took all our boyzlol

  10. Matthew Morrissey


  11. Matthew Morrissey

    Rock deep fake:p

  12. Matthew Morrissey

    Ik who that is on point chill wait lol

  13. Matthew Morrissey

    We must musk the misty jazzy truck:p

  14. Ass Soda

    yeah sex is cool but have u tried it on ketamine

  15. Isabel McKenzie

    good performance

  16. tom langley

    Falls very short compared to Get Shorty

  17. slayer 1

    Cedric is weak and water down he reminds me of the smoker that used to come over and steal your s*** after he makes a friend with you bullshittin his way on through until he can get to your s***any woman that messes with him you know she's week and will ask no questions he is purely an entertainer by association onlynobody could say one thing about anything that he is done for the neighborhood because he has done nothing for the community nothing positive anyway as soon as he earned your trust he will backstab you unless you do dope and even then it's iffy he is not the crispiest chip in the bag he is a piece of s***painted up to look like something worth selling to the all day sucker that ain't asking no questions

  18. Thomas Ross

    “ Be Cool “ is Waaaaay Cool 😎

  19. The Derp

    I remember seeing this when it first released, it was a great movie

  20. The Derp

    Travolta smokes so many cigs in this every time he lights up, I want to light up a cig also xD

  21. octavio araujo

    The first 3 minutes sums up Hollywood and the Music industry today, if you were paying attention WOKES!

  22. OscarAHG

    That’s funny that they have two dance scene in two different movies

  23. Josh Trento

    Vince Vaughn was hilarious in this

  24. The Derp


  25. OscarAHG



    Who doesn't love a good name dropping movie..

  27. Hog Major


  28. OscarAHG

    I would always watch the trailer for this first time I ever watch it

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