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  1. MrsVictoriaCoburn

    I’m obsessed with that shirt

  2. epic epic EPIC Fam

    It's Veronica

  3. Jessica

    No wallet?

  4. Liv Mclean


  5. Anna Banana

    Why does nobody have a tampon or pad in their bag?????

  6. Zoe Bluth

    I love that she loves essential oils

  7. MIAchannel

    She is like Camila cabelo+ Shawn mendes 🤭🤫😁😂

  8. Vidhika Shah

    What purse is that

  9. Sophia colina

    I love Camila Méndez.

  10. Hannah P. Jeddi

    God she's beautiful 😍

  11. Dominique Martinez

    i absolutely love her like if u agree

  12. Diba Hossein pour

    Love you cami ❤️

  13. Diba Hossein pour

    Iw ish I was this much careful about my skin I should work on that lmao 😂
    Aw she's wallpaper is cuteee And I love herrr ❤️

  14. maressaz

    EW Camila! Why would u share roll-on deodorants with friends? hahahahaha

  15. ew

    all i have in my bag is my phone, purse, deodorant and a pen.

  16. emma kayyy

    she has all these beauty products in her purse but no wallet😂

  17. DeeDee Porter

    Am I the only one to find it odd that she does not carry a wallet or any ID, no cash. How does she go out with friends and use her deodorant without cash?

  18. Nancy Ramirez

    these Shawn and Camila comments are annoying 🙃 y’all are living under a rock 😂if you don’t know who Camila Mendes is

  19. Pink Magic Ali

    That deodorant thing happened to me at work except with floss. I keep a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in my drawer in case I need it after lunch or something. Someone asked for it and everyone was also like “why would anyone have that” and I was like “well actually…”. I got known as the girl who had everything after that…which is probably true.
    My fav makeup item is a powder foundation. Best. Makeup. Item. Ever!

  20. Chelsea Tan

    Why is Camila literally soooo relatable 😂😂😂

  21. Zibbia Gray

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♥️She interesting^_−☆

  22. Cukie_

    literally no one asked about shawn and camila cabello

  23. thankyounextera x

    you shouldnt give someone your deodorant if its in a stick and not the spray type

  24. Claudia Tattrie-Leck

    okay, she needs a youtube channel!!

  25. Stephani e

    When was this filmed ?

  26. Valentina López Tirado

    I love Camila

  27. Josefa andrade

    I wanted this video so much with Lili Reinhart!🥺🥺🙏

  28. Josefa andrade

    Make a video with Lili Reinhart seventeen! 🙏🥺🥺

  29. Jenna McGuire

    Why is everyone saying camilla and shawn got married? I don’t understand how shawn mendes has anything to do with camilla mendes?

  30. Mazinga Z

    Ma tu sei quella di riverdale! 😍

  31. Debashree Das

    Her name is soo appropriate for shipping ….gosh

  32. Sangeeta Singh

    Her name is goals..

  33. queenofsisters456 7

    Is this the point or what-

    When I saw the title it said “Camila Mendes”.
    then I looked at the girl and saw-
    It was not Camila 🙁

  34. Vanessa Palma

    I did not think that she had dry skin , her skin is always so glowy 😭

  35. amazingworld Yeah

    These Camilla and Shawn comments are annoying, we get it they would have the same name.

  36. Em Em

    Awww Charmila! ❤

  37. Katze Summer

    I love her❤️
    Why is every comment about Shawn and Camilla🙄

  38. Pranjall Pahuja

    Camila mendes – camila cabello’s future name

  39. Leslie Edwards

    7:45 proof that Charles and Camila are still together

  40. stephanie torres

    i would die for her. 😳🤚🏽

  41. River• Daleedits


  42. i'm a sunflower

    my best girl🥰

  43. Nwando Nwene

    Cami henney ❤❤

  44. Serena Nikkohl

    I always carry deodorant with me. It's a lifesaver.

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