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  1. Pratibha Gupta

    Please suggest a good effective and affordable heat protection spray/serum for hair.. Plzzz

  2. Ruhi Arora

    Lipstick shades beautiful and ur honest review 😍😍

  3. Shelly Patwar Saxena

    Why are beauty bloggers so obsessed about packaging?


    Please make a video specially on all brushes used for makeup for beginners along with their number please please

  5. Kannu Manni

    Please review etude house tint nd also tell how it works on cheeks as tint….. Plz plz plz

  6. Nandita Somaiya

    Saw first review video of urs perfect review I'll surely buy kay beauty spade kajal
    Thanks for honest and on the point review.. ..

  7. rajashree banerjee

    Thanks Shivangi for your review.. I look forward to your reviews in India before I think of buying a beauty product. Your reviews are very crisp, to the point and honest. Do keep it that way for ever even when you launch your own beauty line 😄😍. Even I felt that the price is too steep and packaging not that great at all. I would rather stick to Loreal and Maybelline products and Sugar, Kiko Milano etc at times. All the very best to you.. 🙏😍

  8. Anwesha Dhar

    I am very interested in purchasing from this brand but I am still awaiting more reviews to invest in them.
    Small YouTuber here

  9. Preety

    799 is too cheap!!!!?????
    C'mon man!!!!!

  10. Monica Reddy

    I buyed in the shade Climax.. but I m disappointed the shade doesn't look like this 😒 It's not even in the hint of red or brown.. it's a very light pink nude color.. highly disappointed with the shade 🙄

  11. Divyani Verma

    Thanks for the review😍😍♥️♥️♥️

  12. Nayana Mahajan

    Such a useful and honest review.

  13. farah kazi

    Whr u took dat hairband from?

  14. Sahanaz laskar

    Please do a review on wet n wild foundation

  15. Majji Sowmya sri

    Honest and simple reviews

  16. shiki corn

    Are u aradhna sharma's sister from splitsvilla

  17. Nishat Dandoti

    You are very honest YouTuber…. we blandly trusted on u….. ur so beautiful di😍😍😍

  18. Niharika Verma

    I have the Climax shade too😍 The kajal looks bomb 🥰

  19. Ekta Jaiswal

    Hi i want to know what you apply iner side of the eye, which shine, pl suggest

  20. Mahvish Makhdoomi

    U r beautiful

  21. kaavya krishnan

    What's the lip shade that you said is your favorite? That you're wearing? Is it climax?

  22. Anisha Chatterjee

    Always wait for ur review videos, thanks dear for such a honest review videos….

  23. s s

    I have been waiting for u do review…that was honest …as expected…muah

  24. Nilma jethra

    Thankyou for the no nonsense reviews..Loved ur honesty about the price and the quality 😍😍… looking pretty..I really liked the shades of lip crayons♥️

  25. rana priyanka


  26. Srijita Lahiri

    Finally it's here… honest review ❤️❤️

  27. Rama Go

    One of the honest youtubers in India😍❤

  28. Tahseen Fatma

    Hey shivangi …. That colour (climax) look really bomb on you , eve though i don't understand the naming inspiration of these range 😂, but yeah, honest review …. I think packaging is according to the taste of katrina … Simple … Nice video 👍

  29. Ashu Asmr

    Plz sugesst nude eyeliner smudge free and waterproof

  30. Genie G

    So on point… I have that Kajal and 2 shades of lip crayons.. exact same opinion I have if them.. bang on yet again.. 😘😘😘😘🤗💎❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Somya Agrawal

    Thank you for the Honest review ❤️😍😀

  32. amrita Ingle

    Thnks for the review

  33. Abhilasha Jena

    Hey beutiful i loved your work


    pls let me know the nailcolor shade

  35. monika gupta

    Can you share the eye makeup and blush products used by you in this video ?

  36. shraddha jagtap

    I loved your review.. however, how about their eyeshadow sticks? I really wanted someone to review them.. before buying want to know how they are! All the lip crayon colours suit you.. Will buy the kajal!! Thanks for the review!! 😘

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