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  1. Ronda Pickering

    Hello, is there anyway you can help me with my case. Please respond and tell me how can I give you my number.

  2. Stormin Norman

    I'm Looking for Help
    I'm tired of the VA I'm 70% rated took me 6 months…. But they did turned me down for 6 things and approved me for 1 ..and 2 of the other things they turned me down were things in my military medical records example I had ear infections in my right ear 2x while in the military now i have conductive hearing loss in my right ear ..but was turned down for hearing loss due to loud noise and ignore that I had ear infections which causes conductive hearing loss not even sure the the Va doctor even said i in his notes I have ..conductive hearing loss when he told me to my face I have conductive hearing loss and said something about surgey….same for my right knee i hurt in in the military and many years later I had arthroscopic meniscus surgery and said I was not service connected for knee arthritis when my torn meniscus is the reason I have knee arthritis and loss of range of motion and pain all the time..and they turn down for sleep apnea which is caused by my obesity which is because of my depression for my eating disorder …but they never connect the dots ..I just got my ratting a week ago but looks like I need help..don't tell me to go to your web site and pay money ..I need to talk to someone in person and understand see what its going to cost me i'm not signing up and sign some agreement..with fine print and then Owe you for something I have no clue for and if I don;t hear from you I know why

  3. plee227

    Does your rank effect your overall benefits such as how much you're compensated?? I only ask because I am active duty and a friend of mine is in the process of getting med boarded due to a back injury and he is telling me that there is a jump in benefits from E4 to E5 in the army in regards to how much compensation he is receiving.

  4. BasicRANDON

    @Brian Reese Ive signed up and the links that are being sent gives me anxiety because all those sites look like AD sites that could cause harm to my computer and to my identity. Am I the only one who feels this way? Like every click on these sites or every time im scrolling my eyes on them they are giving me red flags in my head. Could you tell me how does it all work/look after I sign up please. I'm literally at the rock bottom and I dont think I could take another hit in a negative way.

  5. TJ Testman

    Hi – Old vet but a newbie Elite member I'm up early reviewing U-tubes. I've got Really bad hearing so, I also play the CC when I watch videos. Like this video of Lara? talking about GERD (one of my conditions). So, it took me awhile to read her lips and figure out that she is saying "Dig deeper" That's because the captions on the screen don't match the video .. Maybe it s just me but I'm watching a GERD video and reading captions from the neck pain video..? what's up with that?

  6. royland walker


  7. Bay Adger

    I had a "normal" endoscopy but an abnormal 24 hour pH study. My DeMeestor score is 74.6 (normal is 14.7 or below). I have to wait until February for my GI follow-up. 😞

  8. Larry Thorn

    I curious to know about frequent urination and it's relationship to low back pain and diabetes. I noticed after having back surgery, my urge to urinate has increased more and more. My VA PCP is treating me with Tamuloson.

  9. Tony G

    Tara is pretty………..

  10. TomMarineVet

    Thanks, Tara…..Great topic

  11. Ed Adams

    Hopefully you can make a video to secondary issues to GERD…thanks for the info and helping our veterans get what they deserve…

  12. Mark Rebholz

    Very good information. Thank you for the explanation of each condition and the overlap of them as well.

  13. Michael Rodriguez

    Diagnosed for Schatzki ring a and b

  14. Jeff Patch

    Thanks Tara for the informative video, please keep them coming!!

  15. David G.


  16. mustang veteran

    The gerd I have is what seemed to be athsma like conditions that while breathing under normal situations it seems to get hard to breathe I go into a coughing fit that makes me blackout. They put me on omeprazole and now I can breathe

  17. mustang veteran

    What I got service connected to gerd for is from over use of grunt candy…. Ie nsaids ibprophen Tylenol ect…

  18. That Guy

    Hi, what can GERD be secondary too?

  19. Floyd Holt

    I been denied for being service connected for GERD😢

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