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  1. The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

    liver kidney damage bore hole in your stomach lining eat away all the aspirin you want like candy,. taste good huh? snort it.

  2. Jack Kabibble


  3. rodibremo

    Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, And the words to say it flow with ease. No?

  4. John Smith

    This is supposed to be a University ie honest presentation, and this woman bullshits for an hour then says "We don't know."

  5. Jack Kabibble

    So I’m not even going to watch this until I see the answer in the contents. 😜

  6. David Musial

    People like this so miss the point. People get sick, cancer etc, almost all are malnourished amd poisoned. The drugs vaccines barely do anything. Learn about suppliments and nutrition.

  7. 𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖗𝖆

    17:46 – lmao

  8. Patrick Galloway

    Thankyou for being so forthcoming with your convictions and not so stuck on coventional methods. Dicovery is achieved by non coventional methods as well as conventional.Remember penicillian?

  9. Seth Ephraim Pilapil

    took her an hour to answer yes or no

  10. John Karavitis

    25:35 If your cancer has a certain mutation, it appears to help.
    36:18 It affects the immune system.
    46:00 "We really don't know precisely what the mechanism…"

  11. Zbigniew Brezinsky

    So much blabla !
    So what’s your message ?
    Does aspirin prevent cancer ?

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