Can the breath analyzer detect cancer? -Julian Burschka

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Learn how scientists analyze compounds in the breath to create a versatile breath analyzer that can detect disease. -How about the breath detector … Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. Kanwardeep Singh

    May ke lie nal kush nai
    This baap nai lagda j rh how

  2. Pranav M R

    Can you make more life improving videos such as your earlier video "how to improve confidence."

  3. Vipul Petkar

    can I get links or any resources? please

  4. Nuzwo

    did anyone else notice that all te people in the video look like relatives of Thanos?

  5. Arsheen Moazzam

    dont watch a show

  6. Arsheen Moazzam

    not nice show bad for kids and teacher

  7. Arsheen Moazzam

    The dog is bad you can watch

  8. Lockster

    I got a cancer ad before this video

  9. JJV

    1:41 C atoms having 5 bonds 😩

  10. TAN ZI YI Moe


  11. Yamen Nazer

    Amazing as alwaays💜😍

  12. VentionMGTOW

    I can corroborate this. I'm dealing with stage 4 colon cancer that's spread to the liver. A couple years ago I blew a slight positive on alcohol. Problem is I don't drink. So there is something to this.

  13. Cutegodzilla


  14. David Humphries

    Yes, it can catch drunk drivers

  15. T J

    Curious if the breathing tests for Asthma could provide more substantial data 🤔

  16. Easy Medicine by TMD

    Very nice idea but very difficult to be realized!

  17. Richárd Reichardt

    double bond between c atoms in ethanol at 1:39 🙁

  18. Paul Harris

    Can a doctor detect cancer by smell? Yes. That is how it was done for thousands of years.
    Can a machine with the capability to analyze thousands of gases detect cancer? Y is it a question?

  19. GrumpyUncleNick 20

    Cop: it says that you’re way above the legal limit of alcohol in your system.
    Me (sweating): I HAVE CANCER!

  20. Mohammed Tat

    Prof Hossam Hayek is from my country Palestine. We are very proud of him.

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