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  1. KandidKinks

    Are y’all going to try pattern beauty?

  2. 4C Chick

    That brush is a no

  3. 4C Chick

    I love a goodmoisturizing shampoo also! Anything that makes my hair super soft and my conditioner has to be even better

  4. Sonia ROSA


  5. jebiusenvy

    That brush looks hard better to use a wide tooth comb.

  6. Nesha Jones

    Loved your results 😍 your reviews are my fave because you’re so honest! Definitely gonna try this brand! Thank you ma’am for this 👏🏾👏🏾

  7. Linny w

    Citronella oil add a few drops to your body lotion it will repell the mosquito

  8. Linny w

    Listening to that brush tear through your ends made me sad

  9. absolutebeautyxo

    Ooh mosquitoes hate vanilla. I legit bought a $3 spray before traveling to Costa Rica (now hen zika was rolling around) and nobody listened to me and no bugs bit me and everyone else got bit. Last day I’m living no bites

  10. bgte401

    Looks great….And that mosquito is a female.

  11. Simone Thompson

    Oh girl no, just hearing that brush rip though your hair no, no no! The Felicia leatherwood brush is the brush. I have thick type 4 coily hair, I try to finger detangle 1st then brush though after.

  12. shontapl

    Haven't seen a lot of good reviews for this line. That brush is a noooooo

  13. Shae Williams

    New subbie btw

  14. Shae Williams

    Girl..you better get u a fancy shmancy Conair paddle brush in one of those cute patterns and take out every other row. 😁😁 Thank u for reppin the thick 4c hair sistas..cuz we are an overlooked group at times. Much love 💘

  15. Victoria Mensah

    The shampoo has silicones as well as a lot of the other products

  16. Anne Beaubrun

    Your skin is so beautiful!

  17. hajeraa

    Hey i wear hijab, and my hair isn’t the same type as yours, but should i buy this product or is going to be too much thick on my hair ???
    ( ps i have reallyy short hair and oilly. they get curly quick. )

  18. Paula McDowell

    The brush looks like a denman brush but harder. Eh I might buy the conditioner & shampoo to try but idk if it’s a holy grail line.

  19. evette grays

    I have been checking out different channels on the Pattern by Tracee. I think I will give it a try. I am going natural . We will see how things work.

    Girl as far as that mosquito try a spray bottle with alcohol in it. rubbing alcohol

  20. Sista Scientist

    The mosquito is a girl. Maybe shes watching the hair routine.

  21. NovaTurient

    Girrrl you had me yelling STOP!! at my laptop screen, seeing you with that brush. I winced every time you ran it through your hair and the ripping sound that came with it…omg lol. I NEVER use a brush to detangle my hair. A wide-tooth comb works just fine.

  22. tj Tanner

    There are actually plants that ward off mosquitoes. They use the plant in a lot of repellents, smells the same.

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