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  1. Rickenbacker954

    Nothing says I love to give head like a tongue ring.

  2. Paul Kersey

    Tongue piercing? Maybe cutting back on the blow jobs would help.

  3. Rickenbacker954

    Cute girl and hot petite body. Perfect handfuls ( . Y . )

  4. Jaedyn Alison

    I have those pants.

  5. literal mistake

    Shes so beautiful ❤

  6. Maria Bieber

    Do you post every video that is filmed? Or just the good ones?

  7. danimados vargas


  8. Donny Muth

    Dr. Cip is what I imagine a Spartan Chiropractor would look like. He built like a warrior!

  9. Apostaron

    You need to fix the table !

  10. Apostaron

    Best chiropracting videos on youtube ! <3

  11. Karl Zangerle

    I am always amazed.to.see doctors who are always overweight,fat and explain the others how to maintain their body…

  12. Ahmad Hassan

    Hello sir!!! My spine really need to be adjuste and here is no ciropator so what should i do????

  13. Alex Tran

    You literally do the same adjustment for everyone lol.

  14. Bradley Melman

    What do you think about that DALE?!

  15. Tetsu Komatsuzaki

    I wish you were available here in the Philippines😢

  16. Leandro Soares

    Aurora + Melanie Martinez

  17. T E Z N T

    Why do the hot girls always wear leggings ?? Like I came here for the cracks not the booty That’s why Phub is a thing

  18. Jacob Padilla

    Can’t handle the peen 🍆 😂🤦🏽‍♂️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ or too many you’ve been sucking 😅🥶

  19. Glitch Computer

    I'm convinced im traveling out to visit at some point. I need that Y strap decompression

  20. Garth Leadon

    I'm really proud of you dude. I do not know if you are actually from this area in Greenville, SC but dude you, Dr. Jason, Dr. Rahim, and Dr Gregory Johnson are probably the more successful Chiropractors currently on YouTube.

  21. Princess Kangen


  22. checkmatefurries

    we gotta know where do you get your jeans?! youre always looking fresh

  23. Philip Lander

    Funny that the treatment is almost the same even though everyone has different problems. Always “the T3 on the left” and “T2 on the right” on the neck adjustment for example

  24. Donald Trump

    I am so much in pain , i really need a person like you to treat me Dr. Joseph ,

    I have lost my stance , my lower back is jammed , my shoulders feel frozen …i don't know if i am ever gonna be able to Play again .

    I really wish i was able to get treatment from you .

  25. Tanja Testai

    Please……come on Tour to Germany🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. U-R-ASMR

    Please don’t skip the part while using the massage gun, that is honestly one of my favorite parts of your videos.


    She's cute

  28. GreatMinds Inspiration

    Love the explanation. Thanks Doc

  29. Aldreth

    I doubt the Doc reads a lot of his comments, but one thing he should check out is the effect of Lipoma's pressing on nerves. I had really bad sciatica that was the result of 2 lipoma's 1st was the size of a golf ball and the 2nd was about 1/4th smaller. After I had them removed I had an indention in my lower back where they were so they HAD to have been preventing muscle growth. I had those removed 2 years ago and the first thing I did after it healed was touch my toes something I never had done without a tugging sensation on my lower back.

    About a year after that I was walking around a house at work and stepped off a sidewalk step about 6" high. This twisted my sacroiliac joint so much that when I would go to sleep scar tissue would grow and when I tried to rotate in bed it would tear and cause the most excruciating pain. I tell people I would cry if it didn't hurt so much. Luckily, my chiro was able to get that joint rotated back in place and it's been fine every since.

  30. eva bejar

    Please come to cusco Peru!!!!!!

  31. Antonio Marrero

    That's Spider-Gwen. You can't tell me otherwise.

  32. Noworries

    Problems with jaw + tongue ring….🤔🤔

  33. Zubeen Shahi

    How to check if our jaw are imbalance doc ?

  34. mike smith

    Plz tell me the song in the beginning! 😀

  35. AllyIsAmaziing

    Ohhhh maaan I do NOT like the new intro

  36. Joseph Valenzuela

    Not digging the new intro

  37. maiseydoodle

    Is it me or is this guy really awkward?

  38. - Silbzy -

    Comes in with Jaw problems, leaves paralyzed

  39. sockworldofdoom

    so wait she's cute AND a foodie??? awesome

  40. Liberation pocket

    "Dental surgery"🤔

  41. TJ Marmolejos

    I really need to get chiropractic work done work is stressful.

  42. Sexberlynn Reid

    Thumbnail looks like a crack ho doing what she needs to for a dimebag.

  43. Steve Marshall

    Someone's got a fancy new intro 🤪🤪

  44. Frankie Tortonesi

    What program made you intro ? I love it!

  45. Roberto Faz

    L need this chiropratic. In oasadena tx l got the ciatic

  46. Ely family blogs


  47. Ash/raj crazy ride

    Please if by chance you come to Vancouver bc see me please have really bad chronic back pain I need you………………………

  48. cameron carter

    anyone else she looks abit like grace in peaky blinders

  49. Nick F

    Dr. C: I want you to keep your jaw and mouth shut
    Her: okay

  50. David Higgins

    Dr thiccpriano strikes again

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