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  1. choclate_plays

    If Adam wins :he gets to steal his donuts and eat only healthy stuff
    If Justin wins he gets to roast Adam

  2. choclate_plays

    10:08 e-girl? Adam

  3. John Jesle Balanay

    Adam wins: He will make Justie buy him a BT21 friend.
    Justie wins: Vice versa of Adam’s

  4. Satria Raffa

    You sad uejwydjekdujdke,

  5. chloe,s blog about kpop

    I want the perfume

  6. Mélanie Ledoux

    Hello mi n'aime is Aya . 8and


    Justie did u bleach ur hair just to be sponsored XD

  8. Chantal rabbit Lover

    Justin wins:put mote hair dye on Adam
    Adam wins:PUT MORE HAIR DYE ON HIM (late comment heh

  9. Jillian Mae Dionaldo

    If your a subscriber make this blue

  10. ehricah Melecio

    Adam looked cute first but after he looked like a maniac

  11. ehricah Melecio

    Adam looked cute first but after he looked like a maniac

  12. catherine vibar

    i love your vidio

  13. Nohelia Alcaraz

    I like 3mermaid corn

  14. Nohelia Alcaraz

    I feel bad for ta ta too

  15. Anaa Parizia Salaveria

    I like number 6

  16. It’s me antonette villanueva

    The boy with glasses is so over acting

  17. Mov Sokear

    Rfghhjjuf& f fyguvopygyyfyrdyftutfitfoftotftiftfirridtyvfyfgggtu
    Fcfgftghojugvgggggyyysdgjlko. Kokok. Lanky. Box

  18. Mystery Master206

    Winner gets to draw a poop and a happy face on loser's face with a sharpie!

  19. Caitlin Bailey-Quinn

    No one can replace JUSTIN


  20. B Tarunicka

    Haha i would prefer the 2nd for the mremaid siicker thingy lol

    Heyyy i wanted to see adam with the purple dye☹️
    Edit: oh just realised that it was on the thumbnail hahaha

  21. Kawaii Hedgehog

    im scared for adam right now

  22. Dark wild clay Cookie lover

    Woooow Adam looks like a girl ;-;

  23. Ms EBent JFKY


  24. Gemma Karsten

    At my school we have these pebbles and in the lil pebble eggs is a number for the pebble prize and I got one today and next week I get to choose a youtube clip and so I am putting one of your zero budget BTS videos yayyyyyyy

  25. griselda ortega

    it feels good
    I guess

  26. griselda ortega

    Justin seldon more like MCDONALD'S restaurant

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