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  1. Toni Prieto

    Love this reading…so true..almost like a personal reading…thank you

  2. Sherry Stevens

    I still do think…. sometimes…… but, i release it all the time. But, when i see him, i look for him, the him i thought he was, but, he's so different, i don't feel my heart is home anymore when i see him.

  3. Layer Cut

    I'm just on the half of the reading, but everything you have told so far is completely true. Thank you!

  4. WE in 5D Tarot

    Another one of your readings that HIGHLY resonates. Happy New Decade, and Namaste!!!

  5. Cristin Thornhill

    I’m frustrated with the universe. Do you think Im being tested? 🤦🏼‍♀️all my toxic ex’s have come back and I don’t want any of them. The one guy I want hasn’t came back

  6. That Girl

    Your right I need to let go the old one…it’s really toxic…now maybe I don’t need to be afraid to let go him..😔 I know everything will be ok…

  7. Indigo Author

    Thank you for the reading, it totally resonated. May 2020 bring abundance to you in all the best ways!!!🤗🙏🏼💥☘️🎁🌻🌟🤩

  8. Perpetual Bliss

    Its my sexy ass Virgo, I love it when she eye fucks me. Im going to marry her for sure, I decided on that a while back.

  9. kirsten meadows

    You are so gifted.

  10. zieziezieify

    Resonated ❤️

  11. Joesph Harbor

    Selling my business's and toys, changing my number when im done. Im def feeling the chariot. Like the read. Very matter of fact, no bs. Refreshing lol.

  12. lllima

    cant wait for your taurus read ….

  13. Amyrize

    He is A past life soulmate. I released my twin dat emotionally drained me..i stopped manifesting my twin and i told the universe to send me a healer. I really didnnt like to hear readers tell me to stop being specific in my manifestation, bcos i knew all i wanted was my twin. But then i got so broken and i surrendered, and then i cried to my angels and told them i am ready to go a different path, i need a healer And my ex soulmate came back to me real fast. His smile heals me and he practically saved me. If he didnt come back, i would have lost myself. He stays in the USA And am working towards moving over, he did propose in a short time. He is someone i really loved alot in the past. I see him as a gift and a reward from the universe. He brought joy back to my life. I started the new year with him. In has changed so much and alot more stable now. He is a fellow cancerian but has a lot of taurus in his chart.
    I feel rewarded.

  14. Audrey Nova

    You are so cool and accurate, i dont know why some people feel the need to make negative comments. Thank you for the awesome bonus reading and I hope you have a 𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝓃ℯ𝓌 𝓎ℯ𝒶𝓇!!

  15. Mary Martin

    Manifestó my Taurus!!
    I’m the one I need to release!!
    But now I’m ready !!! Thank u 😊

  16. etti etti

    holding the x for money owing , and i am ready to move forward

  17. Kandi Williams

    Yes, my ex husband is a Taurus!! 11 years & yes, every now & then I do think about him bc we ended horribly!! You are spot on. Thank you so much!! 🥰💞

  18. Leticia Maria

    Resonates 💯. Quit my toxic job, starting my own online business, writing again and after a year of intense growth and obstacles with my love we are both on the same page and committed to be our best selves 💫 it's all happening


    Been waiting on that job relocation offer so bad!! Ughh 😩

  20. Chris

    The Star and The Chariot..are going places together in the near future!😉

  21. Richard Brandeis

    You nailed this one, actually, a hole in one….LOL Thanks…..:)

  22. Alma Muñoz

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  23. CountryTarot

    I got a new job

  24. This little life of mine

    I claim this, resonated big time thank you

  25. Lost Birds Production

    Go Cancer

  26. Audrey Mandeville

    What is the best way to release I've been holding on to a relationship that will never happen

  27. Blue Butterfly

    Thank u ❤️🙏🏻🌸 yes, the scorpio left me… he said he is not the right person to me. I’m moving forward 👋🏻💪🏼🌻 without him!! Releasing the past, amen!!

  28. Catrina Padilla

    Thank you for the bonus reading! I can’t wait to see what your up to on instagram!!

  29. Katrina Reynolds

    On the lead up to Christmas I started blocking out bad energies and ex’s that caused hurt and made me feel like I was in a vicious cycle things have started to change for me, a couple of weeks ago I met someone who so far I really like and apparently he wants to see where this leads we have been on a few dates and have more planned but his communication isn’t always great 🙁 do you think it’s just a slow start or could he be blocking the real deal???

  30. Teegan Niekamp

    Your amazing babe thanks so much ♥️ x

  31. Neita Pooh

    I'm claiming it!

  32. Neita Pooh

    Thank you for the career message. I been on a job for 15 yr they changed things up where I can get demoted to a lower job and pay.. I'm praying that I can keep my job with my pay… thank you!


    This is totally my manifestation it’s crazy! A move with my twin flame a new life. My tower moment is leaving my family and friends behind

  34. Beverley Rose

    thank you so much! Love your reading style. My role was made redundant just before Christmas and I have been like a hermit over the last year – so that could be the blockage/ barrier. Ive now just had a really promising new job conversation today about a great business – where it would be possible for me to re-locate with it 😮. Very interesting!! thank you – much lovexxx

  35. Nat Meader

    Girl you got 70 k subscribers, dont watch the haters. They just intimated by your skilled gift..
    Thank you for this Vid. Resonated well for me & speaking my reality. You have helped, which i can now surrender without carrying it as baggage. 🧚‍♀️

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