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  1. DivaMatrix Castoff

    I had to clear out the old,

  2. Catherine Fleming

    This toxic person is stone broke thats why he's trying hard to get to me and trying hard to contact me . But he cant because he's blocked in all APPS and uses tarots to get to me.to give some sob story that he's lost and lonely without me. Its not me its the money that's all HE WANTS. Your open as a book that's why I like you , certainly no flaws in you. I prefer the truth told than this stuff about contacting him .that would be NEVER!!

  3. Catherine Fleming

    Thanks for your reading your spot in on everything you said but I assure you this whole toxic affair is finished and complete. He's the loser not me!!! No more the fool for me. Thanks again and God bless 🙏♥️🙏👍💞🌟🌟🌟💝💐💐💐🌺🌺⚘💎💎💎🤩💎💎💎

  4. Catherine Fleming

    The links are cut and it's over once and for all.there's another guy on the way for me. I'm linked to the Universe for assistance and help. But thus toxic twat jerks sneaking into my readings, how do I stop him !!

  5. Bittereye

    22:57 Thank you so much for calling out basically 99% of YouTube Tarot Readers. You rock! I smirked at that little comment while listening to this in the background.

  6. Bounthong Syvanthong


  7. Toni Prieto

    Thank you Jennifer…I respect your readings

  8. Nancy Santamaria La Tica

    Wow. Leo 8-19here for my Cancer 7-13. And yea. Golden opp here ,,, Me!
    I want w him. Love is here been here. Iv been w my heart on my sleeve so the dead ends not here. It’s life I’m real cancer
    Good vibes mama. Wow. Ur reading my freakn life scary. He lov $ Stop♋️
    Wake up Cancer!!!!

  9. Tracie Perrie

    You are the best! Love your bullshit detector!

  10. sarahmaltby69

    Thank you for being honest and calling out other readers for selling fake insights and fantasies

  11. simone bolgan

    Thank you for that intense reading🌟🌸✨💜

  12. Rhonda Knight

    I am walking away

  13. Queen Rebe

    Gosh I wish I can give you a hug !🥺🤗

  14. Queen Rebe

    I am happy I came across your Chanel, you hit the nail on the head . My mom told me I need new people to work on my charity projects. I am leaving everything behind on completion of my schooling to move to a different country to do my work. And I am leaving a toxic relationship tho it’s in the same country I’m moving to. My partner is the one focused on money and material things. I look forward to my new life… Good riddance to bad rubbish . God bless you for this reading 😘🤗

  15. Shannon Harkenreader-ortiz

    Thanks 4 the reading it hit home

  16. Joy Hines

    Wow so spot on! Thank you so much for this reading….definitely resonated and gave me closure. 💗

  17. tt 4

    needed to hear this !

  18. Honest Woman

    Absolutely Amazing!

  19. Catherine Fleming

    Your spot on.!! he was financed by me. He is married with a kid. He never told me but zu found out. He couldn't maintain his kid. I financed him monthly . He chested in me constantly. I was 3rd party. He had 2 other women apart from me. He's Aquarius, thank god I've gir a down to earth Tarot. The rest have been on his side, yet it was my readings. Trying to explain to them was talking to a wall. Thus guy us a money grabber. I dont want him back, he's an Narcissist, controlling, cheating, manipulator, lying, betraying. That's why I had to walk away. Because he chested in me repeatedly. I suffered MSNBC depression . I felt very down and suicidal. I financed this guy but stopped this money, when zu found out he was married. I 'm meant to meet simeine else . Thus has been going on since August I just dint want him .he lives 7000 Mile's from me. He's not working at all. Lives off other women. Maybe they're getting the message..

  20. Z Hemphill

    Never had a connection with family

  21. turtle dove

    Jennifer I am so inspired by you I began to study TAROT! Thank you! 🕊

  22. Sunshine W

    Facts and thank you!

  23. Natasha Moore

    Can i just avoid getting with anybody so i can skip all the madness ?

  24. Shelley Shellibeane

    Yes ma'am!

  25. Amaya Sayo

    Gemini with Cancer in Venus. Matches Perfecly

    Thank you 🍀☀️

  26. Tania Circelli

    I love how raw and real you are. Thank you for this reading.

  27. Cindy Mclauchlan

    OMG you are spot on ye I'm in a relationship that I am trying to end this all resonates with me this is happening now

  28. Michael H

    Thank you Jennifer, I needed to hear this

  29. Josie Bynum

    I’m no longer holding on Jennifer, letting go. I’m moving forward. I appreciate this reading.

  30. J Scott

    I am grateful for you. I finally feel like I gained the no-nonsense mother/sister/aunt/grandma/girlfriend I always needed and wanted.

  31. J Scott

    I realize with this reading that the toxic relationship I am in is with my career. Sigh. So I am looking at other options which will mean a tremendous pay cut but at this point in my life I don’t care. All I know is I need peace and space to pursue my brand the way the Lord wants me too.

  32. S R

    You started .. i'm finishing … removing

    You started .. I'm finishing … Replacement

    You started .. i'm finishing … cheat

    You started .. you finished … love

    I started .. I'm finishing … loneliness.. pain.. sorrow

    You never start … honesty

  33. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi beautiful thank you I appreciate this blessings to you

  34. Denise Foran

    I'm stopping at 1st month for now. I can't listen to the other months. I said something out loud today!! The worst thing anyone could say!! Everyt Word You Stoke!!! It's been happening for a long time and I told you several times!!

  35. Cee Van Den Berg

    First month – the toxic partner is my son. I gave him already my house and write him out of my will!

  36. Vaishali Shukla

    Yes he was not strong enough to take stand for his love and listened to his family and married someone else.. but life teaches everyone everything.. hope things will change for better in everyone's life.. peace for all

  37. Lukky Pleitez

    Thank u for keeping it real ! ✊

  38. Ellaa

    I love this channel for the simple fact that you aren’t making everything all pretty and rainbows and sunshine . No one needs to be lied to and I’m appreciative of how the truth is always told here

  39. Jill

    jesus joseph and mary

  40. Deborah Thiel

    Brilliant Reading!

  41. Sequoia Moon

    Jennifer does NOT do fantasy! lol…

  42. Lalani Pike

    Oh and lost 20/ pounds

  43. Ioana Nedelcu

    Dear Jennifer you are so on point. I am in divorce with a Scorpio who wants everything, house, business all. He is not ready to,accept 50/50 as the law system offers. He married me for financial gain and status. I see now that the love of him to me was non existing. I want it to end, he keeps amending and hold on it. Wow he was a concert pianist when I was investing my time and energy to bring him everywhere in the world to perform. Now he is just a parasite just selling our joint business and stealing all the assets.

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