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  1. Crystal LaCross

    Wow! So on point! My soon to be partner is a Scorpio too! ❤ Thank you!

  2. Brittany P

    This is crazy I am a Cancer sun and a Pisces moon and he's a pisces. Both readings were true. We just had our talk and now we've both been silent. I'm moving back as we been distant for about 4 years and on an off. But we finally worked out some really bad communication issues. As far as holding things in and shutting down and reacting over responding. That issue really made things so bad that didn't really have to be. I think we are mirroring each other. I'll see him in Nov.

  3. Jackie R

    Love it!

  4. Princess J

    Cancer, was with scorpio for 7 months. Been apart for one. i pray everyday for reconciliation. i’ve been working on my mental

  5. Wendy Lang


  6. Meg Barbi

    Dealing with pisces still! Spot on for me. I enjoy you very much. Thank u

  7. Maria Tor

    I will be with myself..it was and it is so hard this transformation..but I feel that my angels are with me.1212,1313..thank u so much!

  8. Pia Horton

    This is soooo spot on!! Me and my Scorpio are in a separation period while we work on ourselves and our healing. We met yesterday and had a heart to heart conversation and I felt so much positive energy afterwards.

  9. Super Trooper

    Yep Scorpio good job 👏

  10. Sandra Lee Ashie

    Thank you! Im ready!

  11. alejandra lara

    I like youre new table beautiful vibe, so point on, hes younger than me, i think thats why he and i may doubt🙏 hes a Gemini and we are vibing big time, thank you so much, im so grateful

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