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  1. kierra schaumkel

    I’ve been commenting on all my Big 3 readings today but it’s amazing how well they’re aligned today! Libra Sun, Virgo rising, Cancer Moon. A lot of pentacle energy in all those, I love it. I definitely have turned to food and alcohol to soothe but am working on shifting that and learning the power of my mind. What I wanted to say is the other day I was driving through a very affluent neighborhood that’s next to mine, looking at the houses and I thought I have just always had this overwhelming desire to just have a nice house and wondering where it comes from. So it’s funny what you said about the castle and subconscious fears.

  2. Soundhealer

    Thanks for your work, I enjoy your insights.

  3. Pauline Carroll

    My moon is cancer
    My father built our family home himself
    We always had a beautiful home
    Both my parents were are still artistic and creative and we are all educated
    So this doesn’t apply to me
    When I left home
    I’ve always lived in nice apartments
    I’ve always had good jobs
    The Universe is fucking me up now
    My sun sign is taurus April
    Now of that apply to me
    Wrong cancer I guess


    some white chestnut..and rock water.and vine..to stop the hamster in the wheel..and put real limits..thanks.

  5. Victor Manza

    Thankyou and Thankful 🌈🌈🍀🍀🙏🙏❤️❤️😘😘🦀🦀

  6. jennifer davis

    Thank you for this reading its just what I needed to hear today, I've been obsessively thinking and trying to control the outcome with an ex bf and I realize I need to surrender and let go of worry, fear and control.in order to attract what I ultimately want even if it turns out differently than I expected. Its been a long sometimes very lonely road these past few years. I am ready to surrender now to finally be at peace. Thank you again❤🙏🏻

  7. Linda Loca

    Again resonated 100%.thank you so so much bless you🙏🏼❤️

  8. Moon_03 Cain

    He’s chasing what he can’t have. ❤️

  9. Carly Witherow

    Love your readings! Pretty much spot on👍what sign are you?

  10. Iulia Marinescu

    Your readings are great. Thank you !

  11. noelene gordon

    I'm in this exact place in my life right now .. thank you for the clarity you give in your readings even referencing your own experiences .. it makes a huge n positive impact 🌼

  12. Joesph Harbor

    So the feeling of taking what i can carry on a plane, and burning everything i haven't gave away isn't sooo crazy? Cuz its been a thought that brings me joy. Im actually debating wether to use winter as a icebox, or buy a mini fridge, cuz it'll be hard to take with me if im hitchhiking 😂😂😂

  13. AnthonyBigBangTV

    how long you've been doing tarot

  14. Joesph Harbor

    Definitely feeling the minimalist!!!

  15. Rebecca S

    Don't your Elephant figurines need their trunks going upwards for good luck??

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