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  1. Jazmine Nicole

    Dealing with a Leo

  2. Audrey Nova

    𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑦𝑜𝑢🌝🌞🌻

  3. Deja Sanders

    Cancer sun sag rising and moon and this definitely resonates!!

  4. Rav3r916

    Thank you!

  5. Lucimar Teixeira

    Thank you awesome reading. 🙏🙏❤️👏👏🤸🏼‍♀️

  6. Shahla Ghaffari

    Morning Lovely, Firstly let me thank you for all the shares on your instagram re Australia. I sure have decided to take better care of myself and put myself first as much as I can. I sure have done all the work and sure do know my worth. So look forward to communication coming in. See u in the extended. xxx

  7. Classy Girl

    😂 sit on the grass? You must be in the tropics it's January… winter time where I am and to cold to grab a tree… got any other suggestions?😂😅


    Thank you once again for your wonderful work. You look so pretty! I love the soft gorgeous look! Beautiful!💗

  9. Shabaz Memon

    Im 23rd june birth thanx i love ur reading's (you are so beautiful 😍)

  10. O O

    5 seconds in, and sweets! Your make up on point! Love it! Very soft classy look! You beautiful, you! Now Im inspired to do this kind of make up when I go on date with my man! ✨

  11. free spirit

    dealing with sagittarius ❤

  12. Sindi Shehu

    U are amazing, i love you, really my idol, ur energy is gorgeous. Thank u for always advising me, ur words help me so much. Have an amazing rest of ur day/night ! ♡

  13. Momma Ndong

    Thank you so much appreciate it

  14. Justice Hovland

    Good god, thats what it is. Its been so long since ive done something for myself. Ive felt so exhausted constantly running and stressing to help others lately…more than usual…and i just cant do it. I took a mental health day from work and can feel the hate and negativity from everyone since i got back as if it wasnt a good enough excuse. I didnt resonate much with this one but the grounding and loving yourself definitely hit home. Im in tears only because caring for YOURSELF is so hard especially when youre one who also hates being judged. Anyways as always THANK YOU for your time and beautiful energy! 🥰

  15. Jamie L

    I have an aries moon I'll have to go look at that video also.

  16. Mary Garza

    My fiancce saggi 💘

  17. Swetha Y

    S reconciliation renewal of old its me Aries he s cancer resonates 100%

  18. Swetha Y

    My cancer dealing with Aries

  19. Judith Sellner

    Leo sun, cancer rising challenged and getting thru it.

  20. Judith Sellner

    Grounding would be good, thank you for this reading

  21. K Rodrigues

    Thank you

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