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  1. Jilly Carrilly

    I apologize for the colorization of this video. I have tried everything to fix it with no success. I want to continue giving you videos on a more consistent basis, so I uploaded this despite the color. I hope to have a better fix by next video.

  2. Maria w

    Very true. My husband and I have been together for 14 years and going strong.
    I'm a cancer and he's Scorpio. The sex section is right on, the money is right on and the emotional section is right on. Wow..you got it to a "T". Great job!!

  3. Wada Palamani

    "Scorpio will forgive… but not untill they get they revenge, first"😂😂😂 *laugh in my scorpio traits 😂

  4. Cuitláhuac

    Not a big astrology guy. But it's interesting that I always get along with cancer people, and I'm always attracted to cancer women coz they are sensitive and humorous.

  5. Kerio key key Houston

    Scorpio woman hear and your 100% right

  6. Madison Lewis

    Came here as soon as I found out my crush was a Scorpio

  7. Yenisleidy Diaz

    I’m a cancer and my crush is a Scorpio

  8. Rottenflower Owouwu

    My best friend is cancer and I’m Scorpio 🙂

  9. Gilbert Preciado

    Married a Scorpio woman
    Got divorced! Nough said!

  10. Summer Myrick

    Yeah,this Scorpio boy STILL tries to get with me after saying dumb stuff it’s weird,He says he’s done but I know he’s really not😏😂

  11. Room2Move

    Venus in Scorpio makes any woman rock👍🏻😉

  12. Tzalaloue

    I couldn't tell if I was a Scorpio or not. My birthday is right on the edge of Libro and scorpio. My crush is a cancer. After watching this I could easily tell I am a scorpio and we are meant for each other. This also helped me so I will go ask her out tomorrow.

  13. Skylight 2423

    Omg it’s so tru! XD. I’m a Scorpio. People always talk so bad about us. Not going to lie, I’m very emotional at times. I don’t get mad easily, but when I do, I have a very hard time forgiving and forgetting. I’m more on the shy side with people I don’t know, but is someone comes up to me, I’ll talk to them and be friends. I don’t like people to be all in my life without me really knowing them. I’m more private. And about the bedroom stuff.. lol well.. that’s also true XD. Handcuffs, rope, and hair pulling is the best lol. But I’m not evil. Most people don’t understand me very well. Sometimes I don’t understand myself. Things can change very easily. @Jilly Carrilly

  14. Jon Connal

    I’m a Scorpio (with a Scorpio pluto) and this girl I’m crushing on is a Cancer (with a Scorpio mars conjunct my Scorpio venus 0°) … and when I met her, I INSTANTLY felt this pure and strong connection, which is a complete first for me. I never trust people, but I just feel so safe and at home with her. It’s too early to tell, but for my Scorpio guys out there, look for a Cancer woman! Their eyes will lift you out of the cloudy abyss that’s your own mind

  15. Brooklyn Krueger

    Am I the only one that thinks of a innocent good girl as a cancer and a bad boy Scorpio when I hear these too

  16. Shay Hudson

    Nice video 👌…..The comments are great!!! I'm a female Cancer dating a female Scorpio👩‍❤️‍👩❤️

  17. Monique Monroe TV

    Im a cancer sun and scorpio rising and jilly hit that revengeful shit right on the nail! 😂😂😂😂

  18. steven williams

    Married 29 years. I'm a Scorpio and my wife is a Cancer.

  19. Tom Lucas

    I came here to see the most sexy lady on earth! Greetings from Belgium

  20. Scorpion Kid

    I am a scorpion male….I have this cancer friend……I am pretty sure I am not sexually attracted to her ….but I feel comfortable whenever I am around her…..also hanging out with her is like getting drunk….fun while it lasts ….but next day is like a hangover…hard to shake off …..

  21. Penal_Code 187

    Im scorpio my wife is pisces been together 12 year. Scorpio also best match with capricorn aside from cancer.

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