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  1. Purple Reighn's

    Wow, that same energy and reason for no communication is still around? Everything you said….
    I wouldn't take money from my business and family and give it to him. He found someone who would.
    He is equivalent to a gold digging female who works over married men. Yup, he's spying…tested some guys who he thought that I may be communicating with.

  2. Chimere brooks

    Damn who spying ????

  3. Rasheeda Thomas

    I just want to say you on point they spy stalking me right now as I write this, I just had to block all number but I don’t if it’s the karmic or the DM

  4. Rasheeda Thomas

    You got are so right it’s a Capricorn

  5. Rasheeda Thomas

    Yup you right it happened last Sunday and today my ex my BF… stalking me make different phone apps it happened today

  6. Lindsey E

    Wow the fact that this resonated so strongly is scary.. thank you for the reading 🙏🏼🖤

  7. Amanda Delgardo

    Spot on hunni I'm dealing with a Leo…mmm watch this space thank you so much 😘

  8. Angel Guided333

    Thank you H.I.M 👌💞🙏 I am moving on out. I am my own wish fulfilment, " No But's ever again"! 🦉💞🍀🙏

  9. Anjel

    I rarely make two comments but wow. You know, if your partner is going out on you that energy stays with them forever, the sex energy is transfer to you. I cant be with a man who keeps going out with other women, that sex energy never goes away. They can never be faithful. And I wouldn't doubt it's her butt most likely spying on him. I have no need to spy. And ladies, don't play around with a married man, his sex energy goes into you. They don't like to leave, I cant get rid of my cheater. I'm biding my time, keeping my mouth shut, saving my bucks and, waiting for my escape.

  10. Anjel

    Hey my partner isn't going to find anything on me. I have not done anything. I don't even look at other men. My partner is the idiot. You are right. I want him to get exactly what he deserve… A lying cheating loser. He can move on, no amount of his begging is going to fix the hurt he causes.

  11. theGuardian

    I love ur delivery. If trust issues had a face, it would be mine. Currently dealing with my Taurus, I'm a Cancer. sometimes I cross watch…it's crazy bc the Taurus reading resonated from 2014 when he caught his ex wife who's an Aries cheating, we decided to move forward with each other that next year. She's definitely been a thorn in my ass and his. We both realized his ex had a lot to do with low key sabotage of our relationship when she initially met me (only bc they have kids). I was never a secret or a mistress. I had to end up blocking communication with her. My Taurus is trying to put in more effort for our relationship. Things are changing for the better…patience

  12. Tracie Harrison

    Great reading💯

  13. Celeste Collins

    Her immortal majesty 😀❤️
    I like the way u read 😂🌺

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