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  1. Danielle Blue

    Your always spot on 😇

  2. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u🌹Scorp ghosted Apr – still no sign.

  3. A NewLife

    God Bless you Sal 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  4. Angel Killuminati

    ♍☉🦀↗🦀🌙 hahaha yes my lil Aries is wanting to do sports this year i am so glad the universe got my back i really don't want them to come back

  5. leeza bayani

    yea he ran away to Thailand & told me & not her. he ran away from the country because he was unhappy!

  6. NaraNara Mango

    Two-faced people.. yeah, sensed it from a far. They should have an acting class to perform it better..

  7. tsetan Lhazes


  8. fallingawake7

    Sal lots of love and blessings looks like you’re troubled by something 🦋🦋🦋hope whatever it is is gone soon


    Luv U Sal

  10. Rayahana laura Gonzales

    Sal 😢😢😢 its reasonate ! Sal thank you so much . warmth hugs… everyday im watching your readings sal because its always on point ! And. By watching everyday you in your readings in youtube sal is the one of the big things that can only makes me feel okay inside . and thank you so much sal!!!

  11. argent mullinitj

    Yes waiting for a message. No more lies. Apology is in order. Yes 1 kid want to play violin, buying one for her. Hope money is coming in.

  12. christina tanner

    You have read my situation perfectly. Thankyou!!! xxxx

  13. GQMShavonda

    Thank you I’m at odds with my sister the cancer I’m libra she totally deceived me still holding secrets and gaining abundance off of my children she gained custody of during my divorce. I’m holding my location but she knows whom I’m with. And has told my ex husband about my toxic relationship. Not sure if her relationship is at stake could be that he finally recognized the tricks her and my mother caused separation from my children all ten. I’m strong believe that spirit has this for their lessons chose me because I’m strong and my children are also this my second time fighting the legal system first time my mom now my sister and my ex husband who has ghosted me away from our three children disowned my seven I had before marriage and help me set up home to get them away from my toxic family. Just to turn around and to the same to me because of my wanting better respect shown in front of the children when I had only seen and had them for a year just to loose them leaving my older children left out in the cold struggling when together we’re bring in over five thousand and month. Leo cancer and my ex husband libra wanting a Leo to be his power couple due to our unequal relationship because I’m more interested in occult metaphysic Astrolgy knowledge and he is a Christian minister now everyone in the church turned their back on me.

  14. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal….

  15. Javid Jay

    Ha, I am looking for a new job, a second job.

  16. Alexandra Parker

    My life is nothing but blessings since leaving aqua … sad but more miserable with him either way it’s a lose lose situation . Really have a Taurus on my mind hope he comes in soon ..

  17. nicki aquaruis young

    He left me I'm and Aquarius

  18. Genny Music

    What does “wants in” mean, sorry, English is my second language

  19. alia ehsan

    No apology no regrets can heal that tower moment coz they never mean it .. they will do it again with me more worst than before. I'm tied of betrayal not just from one person 3 of my family members who were very near dears to me I trust them like parents were also betrayed.I can't it's too much for me universe too scared help me.. WHY?? just coz I was damn loyal and people took advantage of that😢😭🥺😩💔

  20. Adriano Marino


  21. whyme6911

    Sal great reading!!

  22. Ahmed q

    Burger king🤣🤣🤣🤣 love u humor bro…u good soul..GOD BLESS YOU

  23. whyme6911


  24. Nyesha Casby

    Damn you’re so damn good!

  25. Sela Bmeskel

    Sal you always amaze me with your accurate readings 👍 so gifted 🙏🏻thank you ! My story…wow!!!

  26. Jenna V

    So true ⚰💫🙏❤🌑☪️

  27. shawnnsmit

    Please do Sag. Please Sal ☹

  28. Nol

    I was ready to come clean to a Cancer he refused my conversation.

  29. ferris h


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