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  1. lynn Anderson

    This hit me in my core…..walking away, bad relationship, not taking bs anymore….. have a best friend of 10 yrs that's a Taurus and a new Taurus recently came into my life and become close to me…..I've had so much support for leaving a 5 yr abusive relationship and being strong enough to come out of it walking. I especially felt this hit me hard when you mentioned the "not believing in love" deal. I 110% got to that point where i don't trust love at all and i figured I'd never get married, live in a happy house, and have that beautiful child i always wanted….i legit felt like love was either dead or a lie and im only just now opening back up to the idea of love….im really trying to be open about it, but I'm slow paced to jump head first into it. Baby steps for me…..but boy do i make those little steps strut 😂😊

  2. Sharon Maldonado

    I absolutely loved this reading.. Very on point.

  3. Alexandra Parker

    It’s aqua alcoholic over his shit cancer here moving on to bigger and better things 🙂

  4. Kay Bee

    OMG!!!!! (20:48) I left My Husband/Soulmate and moved over 5 hours away to a new city and the bulk of why We had to separate is because of years and years of Him FISHING and leaving Me home crying and feeling neglected and abandoned… He just called Me last night and I was finally able to tell Him a whole lotta stuff that He was never willing to listen to during the whole 11 years of marriage… He opened up and expressed Himself like NEVER before… He's always been a very cold person… I hope His healing is very near and that He finds happiness, even if it's not with Me… Your readings are so on point… When I get on My feet I desire to send You a beautiful gift… Thanks❤❤❤❤❤!!!!!

  5. Evilonica S

    4:23 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ It’s me! I am drinking a lot! 😂🤣

  6. Angela Wilson

    May I ask is any one being contacted by their TF/Soul mate?

  7. 12thjewel

    I shouldn't be shocked at how accurate this reading is, but I say that at each of your Cancer reads. Your're amazing! The Capricorn and I fell into awful communication, distance and depression. We need to work on and focus on ourselves, "separation" rolled around in perfect timing – after finally "talking about separating" we've both fallen into our own worlds, in peace, fear free, and in joy… we're both very excited about our futures. WOW ~ he moves out end of this month and we still hug a lot, it's pretty cool – I've never ended a relationship so sweetly.

  8. Bernadette DSouza

    Water Baby
    Lots of your reading resonated .
    Those hugs are from my son in heaven , i know he's always with me .
    Thank you for your precious time.

  9. Amy Johndro

    Update…after watching this reading again, I decided to take my first solo vacation! No more watching my life go by and holding space…I’m grabbing life!

  10. Cece Contreras


  11. Lady E

    Damn girl is this for me? 😭

    Please I want to manifest this to reality, come back soon baby. I was really hoping for the reconciliation card but I'll take engagement.

    How long do we have to wait tho, is there any indication?


    Yay.. perfect 👌

  13. Alonie Riggins

    okay i know you said this isn’t about a cancer it’s more about the person but NO this is the most accurate reading i’ve gotten EVER and it’s from my pov this is INSANE

  14. Athena Garza

    Yes this waz right on i love your readings thank you

  15. Kesha Jackson

    Hi, im a Capricorn woman and I have started to accumulate feelings for a cancer man. But im trying to find proper closure with my exhusband of 12 yrs (virgo) before I jump into a new relationship. Im trying to find balance with coparenting and our divorce of Aug 2018. Everything is just still fresh. I must say though, this cancer man has quite the spiritual life that id like to have so i can teach my daughter about God. I like his structure, i admire it and its everything I know Ive darn near dragged my exhusband to. This cancer man feels like a new start for me although im nervous to take every new step. Im going to give him a chance if hes still willing to have me

  16. Hailey Fair

    I’m not even a cancer but this definitely resonated . I love you so much like you’re such a sweetheart And I’m absolutely so grateful for everything you do for the collective. You’ve really helped me through so much 💜 helped me see situations with a someone else’s/different perspective which is hard for me since I’m a Scorpio moon. Ive been a subscriber since the beginning

  17. Jamie Powell

    My birthday is 22nd. Thanks for reading made sense.

  18. Moon Child

    Omg I’m in tears. SO spot on I swear you pick off of my energy. I recently left an abusive relationship with a Sagittarius. I finally left and have had absolutely no contact. I have been home with my parents for a few months now and how I’ve been feeling resonates with both of the readings. I just want to heal and be happy! Cancer season has not been so…well you know. But I got the advice I needed, thank you.

  19. jaeda newby

    tomorrow is my bday i hope it goes well🙏

  20. Jones

    Had an argument with an Aqua today, he was acting a fool – he really needs to get his shit together. (Going deep sea fishing tomorrow with my 2 sons, by the way!!) Thank you for sharing your gift!

  21. Wendy Noble

    thank you

  22. Jessica Sepulveda

    I’m not jealous, I’m over protective.. or possibly direct.. I’m very direct when it comes to respect.. lol .. I am emotional but straight forward when something bothers me.. so it might come off as jealous.. 🙄… it might confuse people.. one minute I’m explaining what’s bothering me but then cutting people off if it’s too draining.. instead of clinging.. I only cling to positive energy not negative.. which is totally normal.. — when it comes to love.. my family , friends and lover are all being so weird for the past couple of years they are very prideful and competitive.. too much stubbornness going on.. so I’m just like whatever.. this world 🌎☔️🌊🌞✨💫 needs a cleanse.. I’m in need of some real love.. hugs are good lol 🙃🌻 when ever I want a hug or want to cuddle I go to my 3 year old lol.

  23. Eddie Oliver

    You are amazing. How do you do this?

  24. Alyssa Cruz

    Your amazing

  25. Malquisha Durant

    Your so gifted your reading is for me 😥😢

  26. Karina Love

    My Beautiful WaterBaby, I like the way how you lifting up your energy, every time you going thru the information with the low vibration. Joke you always do jokes. Love your reading. From Cyprus With Love.

  27. yaho

    Not even finished yet but I came here from watching Virgo (my rising) which gave me such a strong message of me trying to heal my inner child and push myself to action. The first spread helped me confirm that I’ve indeed been closed off emotionally and very sad and afraid and in turn, having a hard time manifesting! It’s been such an emotionally heavy time. I’m going to do my best to get to that healing and letting myself trust though 🙏🏾

  28. megan crowley

    THAT was crazy.thank you.

  29. New Life

    Thank you for saying I'm not jealous no I'm not jealous my sister for some reason I don't know why seem to be jealous of me so much so she hides behind her husband to go and grab the man that I fell in love with she felt things was going to good in my life because when I got a divorce or started a business I had a boyfriend our relationship was a little shaky but it was still loving and she saw it. We're talking about my sister who is a Pisces slept with my ex boyfriend a Taurus Aries my mother is trying to bring it together but they all left me for an entire year calling me a liar telling me that I was a devil. So now I got to forgive and I'm trying to get them all back together but they're still all a little shaky around me scared it seems I don't know what this is about what it's crazy I moved to town to get away from this madness. My birthday came up on the 12 no one was around I didn't expect it because they haven't been around for over a year all of a sudden my mother Aries pops up and wants to take me and buy an expensive gift. That's all nice and everything but I told my mother I'm not brushing this under a rug. My sister either will come to me as I've been trying to come to her with killing this mess and getting it out of the way of the family but she has not come yet so I'm moving on. I'm keeping my healing process going and I don't want no one to mess this up I'm not giving my heart to those people like I have in the past anymore what they did was great betrayal in it hurt too bad I will be extremely careful it's a shame because this is my own family all because of sex. My family always thought I was jealous of my sister and I don't see why they think that… now I have to say of course I was jealous to find out my sister stole the man that I fell in love with other than that I never been jealous of her I don't have a reason to I have everything God gave me and I appreciate it

  30. Hells

    how long is a healthy time to hang on and wait !? 🙁

  31. pia ferbezar

    Honestly I love your energy so much and this reading gave me hope. I related to almost everything you said omg definitely will keep on watching in the future

  32. Shanny B

    odd you say otter cause my friend & i say my guy dances like an otter

  33. Beloved Words

    Wow thank you… both resonate 100%! I’m a Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon CANCER RISING. Just saw your interpretation video and was lead here. Thank you

  34. positivity positivity

    My birthday is tomorrow 22 July. Thank you for this blessing

  35. Tracey Norman

    Two great readings for me. A lot of connections for me. Thank you for your Insight and Dedication!!

  36. Susan Rolstad

    I have lost total faith in romantic love. It's for me is unattainable.

  37. Eileen O'Neil

    The cancer i know has alwaysss been jealous

  38. Amanda White

    Today is my birthday, I saw you posted last night but decided to wait till today to watch. I’ve been asking spirit for guidance and answers lately and your entire first spread was my story line. Like down to a T. Spirit finally sent my messages thru you, so thank you for being the messenger. I also did a birthday spread this morning and several of the same cards came up.

  39. Harley Clark

    Thank you sweetie

  40. m velazquez

    Cancer Sun ARIES Moon 7/17 bday your details are on point

  41. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    Love? Ignoring the hell out of me but thank you

  42. Julissa Pozo

    I historically laughed at the moment you said “I’m feeling Capricorn and Scorpio energy” I’m a cap sun and my ex is a Scorpio sun. Both reading resonates so well! Knew both readings would resonate with the comment you said 🤣

  43. Alyssa Baiocco

    This entiiiiiiiire reading was spot on. (I'm Aries sun, Cancer rising) .. thank you so much!!

  44. misty blue

    Thank you so much water baby I can feel the energy was emotional too for me 🙏🙏🙏

  45. Miriam Cooper

    No one can ever stand us cancers standing up for ourselves.

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