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  1. Shimah Easter

    Mommy issues for sure!

  2. Rena1961

    Cross watching for my DM's rising, and Cancer is my moon. You may not like the feel of Cancer DM's in this group, but you sure do crack me up reading them. I love your humor, it made my day, Thank you.

  3. Sacred Identity

    I love the hell out of this reading!!!
    Please keep up that energy. “Begging the divine to come bitch slap his ass”- yes honey. That’s my whole masculines attitude. Lmao

  4. Hunting Sacred-Foods

    I’m lol 😂 too. It is funny 😄 especially if u know his level of ego🙏🏿🔥

  5. Tramaine Lajuan

    What are you talking about? 🦀 Here. This must not be for this Devine

  6. Jade Grey

    ♐️ my DM has literally been fighting this connection to spite me and it has been dumb as fuck because I only tried to love him. Like dude your friends, karmic, hoes and work colleagues are really fucked up people, I tried to tell him but he laughed in my face every time. Guess who’s not laughing now 👀

  7. Toyzette Santos

    Yeeeees SPIRIT come thru it's about time things get put in order!!! Oh Happy Day!!

  8. Jade Grey

    🙌🏼 Obstinate 🙌🏼 new word haha 😂 and yes he has major mommy issues. He is 47 and would randomly bring up if his mom didn’t do blah blah blahhh then he would in a better space 🙄

  9. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    The person I'm being with is a Pisces

  10. jakeria Riley

    Your so funny 😭😭 had me rolling. “ Couldn’t come a second sooner “ 🤯 what I’ve been screaming 🤦🏽‍♀️😩

  11. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    I'm a man I don't swing that way

  12. Tarot Lover


  13. çeci n’est pas une pipe

    You’re the best ❤️

  14. Daniel


  15. Vida Divine

    Love you

  16. Michelle Blunt


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