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  1. Jeffrey Stern

    Love how Larry does a great Jackie Mason as he leaves the office……..

  2. Gerbeck S.

    Stupid AF

  3. Christina Masden

    Sorry im not cuckolding for Trey Parker's More Perfect Union . Crazy psycho Gilly. Boogie Parker Tillmon you need to take responsibility for that lawyer house note in your name. I am not your maid, you sick bum user.

  4. Scott Laux

    All the comments from men who love Larry- because we know the more we act like Larry the happier we are.

  5. Steven Bee

    Did Larry snort some Adderall just before this meeting?

  6. CazzSDMF

    He should've never taken those loud obnoxious people in. Ruined the show, especially Leon

  7. Max S.

    Horses do it, I can see why they do it.

  8. Mike S

    Larry's old jewish man routine at 3:21 is the highlight of the clip for me.

  9. Honald Trinton

    It’s funny cause this is barely distinguishable from Larry’s normal behavior

  10. Greg C

    Sounding like Bernie-about as smart as Nathan Phillips(head screwdriver) was a Veteran-Sanders in the doctor's office

  11. Dana Smith

    Vivica is so pretty

  12. Dana Smith

    He is over doing it. It’s not funny

  13. Josh

    As the blessed hairs…😂😂😂

  14. Sound Logic

    Lmfao I have that same reaction when people say they’re blessed. Like who the fuck are you?

  15. Nawaz Mohammed

    His Yiddish accent lmao “have a discussion, oytt!” LMAO 😂

  16. John Mac

    Ha ! Larry channelling Shelly Berman ! His father's son.

  17. rhine2y6y

    why does he want to break up with her

  18. joiganja

    even naomisright description made me laugh .

  19. Tom Berry


  20. Vasja Klun

    I like it how he is playing it off until the moment she mentions the hair and he really gets triggered, haha

  21. Liam Toye

    the mental checklist and the pure joy at 0:42
    and then just deliberately being as obnoxious as possible at 1:20
    this is peak larry

  22. Patricio Fernandez

    Most amazing thing is Larry isn't acting almost any different than he is the rest of the time

  23. Lawrence Bird

    "I got a pretty good vibe about that doctor. Pretty, pretty, gooood.."

  24. dailyflash

    If you're not bald, you can't pretend to know what we're feeling or judge us for feeling it. I'm tall, lean, healthy, nice smile, pretty smart and funny, honestly have a nice cock… and now I'm bald. Fuck. Sometimes I think I'd trade 2 or 3 of those things, just to have my long hair back. I never even got to experiment with it. I just took it for granted. "Ponytails? Braiding? Mohawks? Yeah, I'll get to trying all those things. There's no hurry. I'll always have this lustrous mane." <sigh>

  25. George Martin

    larry was tappin' that sweet black pootang and booty…see how women love money most…Cause you just know that that colored woman has been boned by niggas with huge black dicks over a foot long and here comes larry with his 5 inch jew hard on…if he was broke she would laugh and say get away from me with that puny shit you got….but she thinks about larrys money and fakes orgasms and screams out "larry split me in half with your love monster"….complete bullshit like that. women are all whores!

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