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  1. Jindy2

    Just fantastic. So well explained. Thank you!

  2. Razia Sultana

    Great sir… M one big fan of u

  3. kamran khan

    Sir i have presenatation on angiogenesis pathway, do u have vedio on it pls help me

  4. Meeghal Mathew

    What is the difference between carcinogensis and tumorigenesis

  5. shakeel KHAN

    please make video on hpv


    Sir tell me a good mcq question bank for csir ugc net

  7. Rakhi Sharma

    Dysregulation of Nrf2 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Role in Cancer Progression and Chemoresistance

    sir is topic pr hindi vedio jldi bnaiyena

  8. Abhichandan Das

    Don't get me wrong but sir you rarely use the green marker and it is still lighter than the other markers why?

  9. Ajay Jaral

    suman sir…i didnt find link of angiogenesis on your channel…if any ..please share
    thank you

  10. hiba butt

    I find this very helpful .. cleared all my concepts .. 👍

  11. thgr 814

    Thank you sir

  12. Mr. 18

    Thank you sir…I am a big fan of you.
    Sir ,where are you from?

  13. Kansa Pareed

    Can you pls explain the stages in development of cancer…pls?

  14. vilas Kulkarni

    Can u plz tell me why are cancer cells anaerobically activated or deoxygenated

  15. wafer worm

    Thanks lot. 🙏

  16. Nasima Belif

    Nice video

  17. Arnau Vizcarra Miserachs

    Do you know that writing assignements for money is illegal ?

  18. Martin Mcg

    thank you.

  19. Shaima Boosary

    usually i used to watch ur videos and they helped me to get clear explanations in genetics as well as to get best results in genetics. thanks a lot.
    however i have a small suggestion. I feel that the videos u r making r focused much closer to u n i feel sometimes uncomfortable. so plz keep the camera little farther next time. thank you.

  20. Ramchandra Suthar

    very nice suman ji
    very good analysis.

  21. Garima Parihar

    sir I want to know a good question bank book for practice for csir net jrf exam which covers great amount of section c questions

  22. Prabhuraj R S

    superb video. continue the good work sir.

  23. عامر الزيدي

    Best Explanation 👍👍

  24. Aditya Trivedi

    Great Fan of yours.
    Your videos helped me gain an edge over the toppers in my class.
    My concepts were never this clear as they are now.
    Keep up the good work brother.

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