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  1. Peter macharia

    Rip dad when I see this I remember the pain u went through cancer

  2. Mamake Alee

    My classmate ciku my name sake wathire ouguo may you rest in peace
    May God bless those men nd women who doesn't run away
    God take this monster away

  3. Mary Shiku

    God have mercy.

  4. happening now

    Despot kenyatta and raila are busy with BBI


    Dear Lord, If things don't seem to work for Me. Remind me to say thank you for good health.

  6. Byron Apudo

    I have learnt to appreciate good health. May God forgive me if I have ever taken my life for granted.
    People are suffering out here and it's so painful. I wish I had the ability to help. God heal your people.

  7. Allan arap Mibei

    Mungu awaonekanie

  8. Emmaculate Titus

    I hear everyone here saying God ave mercy already he had mercy when he gave his son on the cross in short we are the problem trust and hope and you will see wonders

  9. leah ndinda

    so sad God forgive us and remove this monster called cancer and God protect our government because you tell us if your people shall turn their wicked ways and turn back to you you shall come to their aid God wipe our tears and let the world be cancer free

  10. Rachael kabro

    God forgive me for being ungreatiful

  11. Ann Muthoni

    God have mercy and heal ur people please

  12. Lynn Otaye

    Good Lord! I can't believe I do complain at times. This has been so tough to watch. Heal your children Oh God.

  13. Mercy Mamboleo

    God take this monster cancer away

  14. elizabeth wairimu

    Dear God have mercy

  15. Becky Beto

    Ooooh God tusamee tu ututolee hii pepo dunia,Cancer

  16. naomi ndichu


  17. Angela Mereu

    May God have mercy on them all, it's so heart breaking….

  18. Esther Njeri

    Lord of mercy have on us your people

  19. Monissa Ndung'u

    Lord have mercy on our people over this disease,heal them in Jesus Name


    Mungu wa wanyonge tuonekanie. I wish one day I will wake up and find a selfless government. But if you are near a less fortunate family of person just help them with whatever you have

  21. Regina kariuki

    😭😭😭😭God have mercy 😭😭😭

  22. isaiah esir

    waaah poleni😥😥😥

  23. lydiah chegeh

    Oh God, grant us good health, Oh God hear our prayer and eliminate this disease. Such a depressing story😥😥😥😥😥😥

  24. Arnoldi 254

    God have mercy on us

  25. radar boy

    Once again I blame the bloody government, fool of idiots, goons looters, thugs. How does the president feel seeing this, look at the status of this people. I don't see no action on looters, sonko the other thug. What r u doing to make peoplez lives better. Pollution, gmos, living in such poor conditions. Sonko bure kabisa. ONCE AGAIN I INSIST, WE NEED A MAGHUFULI PRESIDENT, UHURU IS SCARED TO MAKE FIRM DECISIONS.

  26. kids songs games

    May God Have Mercy

  27. Eve Murugi

    Yani kenya government hawa weza tengeneza hosi ya bure mimi niliona uchungu baba yangu alipitia I thank God he is ok now but watu hubaki bila kitu ku uza zote😭😭😭😭

  28. Kelvin Mwirigi

    There are good men in this country

  29. Ruth Larry

    Dear God please heal all who are suffering from this disease and protect the rest from it😭😭😭

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